Tommee Tippee Digital Video Monitor Review

Digital Video Monitor with Movement Sensor Pad

Reviewed by Amanda Harris

Before our baby arrived I contemplated getting a video monitor however the price and not wanting to be obsessive/paranoid about the baby sleeping I decided to just opt for a monitor with sensor pad.  I was quite happy with this but once baby was a few weeks old and developing into a noisy sleeper and wriggler I regretted not getting a video one – many a trek upstairs could have been avoided simply by checking the video monitor.  I therefore jumped at the chance to use and then review this Tommee Tippee Digital Video Monitor with Movement Sensor Pad.

Set up
Setting up is quite easy with simple instructions although with all the different features this as first looked daunting.  Skim reading the instructions and simply switching the units on and working it out from these seemed to work better for me than starting from the beginning.

Placing the video camera/monitor in the room proved a bit more difficult as this cannot be attached to the cot and must be at least 1m away.  Unless you have a high chest of drawers near to the cot or a camera tripod (to which the monitor can be attached) then it would be difficult to place the camera where you get a good picture.  Luckily I have a camera tripod and used this but had I not had this am not sure what I would have done.  I do admit though the tripod and monitor does look a bit weird in the room.

I’m not sure what the picture would be like through the sides of the cot – certainly not like the picture of the box depicts!  I assume however this is similar to other video monitors so something worth considering before buying.

Ease of use
The monitor is very easy to use and the menu screen is very straight forward. 

The monitor measures the temperature in the room so you don’t need a separate thermometer.  There is also an alarm that will go off if the room gets too cold or too hold (couldn’t find out though what temperatures this would be at).

There are also options for level of brightness of the screen, ticking noise on/off for the sensor pad, nightlight settings, language etc.

The sound only kicks in once there is noise so there’s no dreadful humming/background noise coming through.  My only criticism on this is that the lowest sound setting is far too loud for me.

The picture is quite clear and you can zoom in.  In daylight the picture is really good & in colour but you will never use this unless you have your baby sleeping in daylight. The night vision is good – a bit fuzzy in black and white but I am sure this is all that can be expected.  I can clearly make out if my baby’s eyes are open or not so that’s the main thing.

Other downsides are:
Charging the parent unit is a bit fiddly as there is no “docking station” just a lead to plug in – fine if doing this is full light but more difficult in dim light.   This also goes for the controls on both the parent and monitor units – the buttons are small, near each other and impossible to see in dim light.  The button for switching off the sensor pad (so you can lift baby up) is in a slightly better position and not near any others but it’s small and a bit fiddly.

Also if you switch off the baby monitor an alarm starts on the parent unit – am sure this is a safety feature but a bit of a pain if you get upstairs and forget and don’t want your guests to hear you talking to baby etc and don’t want the alarm to go off easily.

Overall this is a great monitor and I would certainly recommend it. 

Buy from Tommee Tippee here.

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