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ToddlebikeNeonToddlebike Neon

Reviewed by Ben Jones

We received two of these Tobblebikes for our twins and a good first sign was that all other toys were dropped to check out the new colourful addition to their transport collection!

The bright multicolours are an instant attraction and they loved them from the word go. Within minutes our 2 year olds were already up to walking pace on them. A few days in and our son is now rather too fast on them… you have to check before stepping into the corridor just in case he is hurtling past.

Apart from the bright fun colours, the first thing I noticed about them was just how simple they were. The wheels/handle bar are the only moving parts and the rest is just simple but sturdy plastic construction. As such they are very light and there is a little to go wrong with them. Obviously, this also means that are a doddle to clean so they are perfect for outdoors as well as indoors. Also, as a bonus, there are no electronics in them so I don’t have to listen to synthesised horns, revving noises or anything else… joy.

The idea is quite clever, the bike actually has 4 wheels but each pair are very close together so it’s a perfect steeping stone from a traditional sit on car with one wheel at each corner to a proper 2 wheel on bike that can’t stand up on its own. As such the children learn quickly that when you turn you have to be able to balance to keep it from tipping over. Even when they’ve mastered them I can see them being used for years as a way of getting around. They will also be great fun to take to the park or on country walks so I expect these to be with us for some time!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £23.95

Suitable age: 1-3 years

Available to buy from Toddlebike here.


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