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I am currently looking to swap my car for something smaller than the 5/7 seater estate car that I currently have. I am considering both new and used cars because I have found that the APR can be much cheaper on new models, making the payments similar for a new car to a car 2-3 years old. With that, and the fact that new cars do not need to be MOTed until 3 years from the date of registration, I am steering more towards buying a new car. I am also taking the following factors into consideration:

Which features would I like my car to have?

My requirements are fairly straightforward. I would like a car which has a speed limiter, an integral sat nav and possibly a dash cam. I think that the speed limiter is such a useful tool and am delighted to have read in the news that new cars will be fitted with such a tool. I think that anything which helps cut down speeding and supports road safety is fantastic.

How good is fuel consumption?

My current car is not very economic on fuel, so whichever car I do decide to swap over to must be able to do a decent amount of miles to the gallon. When browsing the various car models online it is possible to see how many miles to the gallon you will get out of the car.

How much will the road tax be?

This is a big consideration, with my aim being to reduce the amount I currently pay each month for road tax. The government website has a handy guide to road tax charges.

How much will car insurance cost?

When I first started driving many years ago, car insurance was very affordable even for new drivers. Over the years it has got more and more expensive. I have a teenage daughter and I have to admit to dreading the day I put her on my car insurance. I have heard of teenagers paying £1500+ for their first year of car insurance. I am very happy with the car insurance company I am with, but if I were looking to change there are some great price comparison websites on the internet which will help you make an informed decision about which car insurance policy to go for. If you are a teenage driver or a parent/carer of one, then there are ways of keeping down the cost of insurance, for example having a box fitted to the car to monitor how well the driver fares out on the road.

Do I opt for car finance or car leasing?

There are a multitude of different car finance and leasing companies out there, many of which can be found by carrying out a simple internet search. Whilst I have tended to opt for car finance in the past, there is something about personal car leasing which really appeals to me and it is something I am very much considering for my next car purchase.

Am I buying a vehicle with faults?

Buying a car is probably one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. If you rely on using your car to get to and from work then it’s even more important that the car you buy is reliable. Nowadays it is possible to pay a reasonable fee and check a car’s history, including for example if that car has ever been written off. You can even pay for an independent pre purchase car inspection.

Does my car come with a warranty?

Whenever I buy a car, I like to have the peace of mind of having a warranty for a few years and I find that the cost is usually very reasonable.

I hope that this post helps you when it comes to your next car purchase. Happy driving!

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