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Ticket to Ride: First Journey Board Game Review

Reviewed by Debbie Douglas

The first thing you notice with the Ticket to Ride: First Journey board game is the box. It is beautifully illustrated with colourful characters standing on the station platform next to the train. I particularly like the 6+ sign which was painted as a candle and made it really clear what age this game is aimed at. The number of players (2-4) is also clearly marked on the box.

I had never heard of Ticket to Ride games, but some of you may have. From what I can tell this is a simplified version but having not played any of the others I cannot comment further. We are big table top gamers in our house so we were very excited to play this. The game contains 1 game board, which again is beautifully designed with different cities in the world. The kids were excited by the different illustrations used for each city. The game also contains 80 plastic trains, 72 train cards, 32 ticket cards, 4 coast to coast bonus ticket cards and 1 golden ticket.

The goal of the game is to be the first player to complete 6 tickets. A ticket is given when you have a continuous line of trains between the two cites printed on your ticket. Once you have completed 6 tickets you win the golden ticket. The train cards come in six different colours and they allow you to claim the routes on the board. Our players were, 6, 9 and 2 adults, it took us a few turns to get the hang of it, to be fair I think the kids got it before I did!

I liked this game as it wasn’t overly complicated, the aim of the game was clear and it did not drag on forever. The game lasts around 30 minutes which is just about as long as my 2’s attention span will last. The pieces were not too fiddly either, I loved how the kids were asking questions about the countries as we played it and I could point out Copenhagen as we are hoping to go there later in the year.

In conclusion, a good all-round fun family game and I am sure this will become a favourite on games night.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £31.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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