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Throw Throw Avocado Review


Reviewed by Sandip

We were chosen to receive and review the game Throw Throw Avocado by the company Exploding Kittens. We hadn’t heard of this game before but had heard and seen the game Throw Throw Burrito made by the same company in our local toy store. We hadn’t played that game either but a few years ago my husband bought the original Exploding Kittens game through Kickstarter, and we loved it so much that we bought some later to give out as presents. We have also bought an extension pack for our Exploding Kittens game. Me, my husband and 2 youngs kids love it. So when we were chosen to review the Throw Throw Avocado game we hoped. It would be as much fun as the Exploding Kitten games.

Throw Throw Avocado is nothing like the Exploding Kittens game which is card based, this is a much more physical, giggle inducing game. It’s a cross between, dodgeball and a fast paced card game. The box itself is a well made sturdy bright box which my husband actually commented on. His point was, like the Exploding Kittens box, it’s sturdy which means it not only feel a bit more luxury, but it’s actually a strong enough box to constantly store the game contents in without having to resort to a ziplock bag like you sometimes have to do with thin, flimsy cardboard boxes that some other games come in. It also means you can transport the game with you. We’ve taken our Exploding Kittens game to our yearly caravan trip to play on a rainy day. This Throw Throw Avocado game is one that we will be taking with us to friends house for not just the kids, but the adults too.

So to the game itself, we’ve played it as a 4 player game but it can be played with 2 to 6 players. The box suggests it is for ages 7+ which I would agree with due to the running nature and the rules of the card games itself.

The way the game works is by playing a matching card game and trying to get as many sets of 3 identical cards as you can and place them down as quick as you can before the game ends. You need to match you cards by picking up other opponents unwanted cards and then deciding which cards you want to discard yourself, taking into account you can only ever have 5 cards in your hand. This bit is fairly straight forward and pretty fast paced (or it is the way we play it!). In addition to this, you have a pair of squishy avocados that are placed in the centre if the table but we will come back to these cute characters in a bit. Depending on the images of your 3 matching cards, you may end up starting a ‘battle’. The battle may or may not include all of the opponents, so you need to keep your ears open on what battle is being declared because if you try to join a battle you aren’t involved in, you’ll be deducted points. Also, the battles may be declared at any point, there is no ‘your turn, my turn’ in this game. Now the battle itself, this is where the cute squishy avocados are involved. The battle involves throwing them at the relevant opponents and making sure you hit them! This is where the giggles come in, from kids and adults! Depending on what the battle is, the throwing could be at the games tables, or and this one is a lot of fun, it could be a Western Spaghetti style three paces and shoot scenario. The player who loses the battle gets a point deducted, but in keeping with the fun, deducted points are handed out as ‘boo boos’. Once all boo boos are handed out, the winner gets a ‘fear me badge’. Then a second round is played and the winner of that round has to do a final Western Spaghetti style duel with the ‘Fear Me’ owner to find the overall winner. It may sound complicated but it really isn’t and it is such a barrel of laughs.

You can play the game on it’s own as I have described, or the game also includes some bonus cards which can be used to combine your Throw Throw Burrito game if you have it. Which I have a feeling, we pretty will soon!


RRP: £19.00

This product can be purchased from the Exploding Kittens website here.

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