ThinkFun Cat Crimes Logic Game Review

Cat Crimes

Reviewed by Louise Edwards

Cat Crimes is a board game with a difference! 

As most board games are for players of two or more this one is for single players (though can also be played with other people) and is suitable from aged 8 to adult. 

You are cat-sitting your neighbour’s six cats who are hell bent on causing trouble with spilt coffee, broken flowerpots and a missing bird to name a few of the crimes. Your job is to discover who is responsible, but these cats are very stealthy and you need to use logical thinking and deduction to work out the guilty party! 

The instruction manual gives you a biography of each of the felines so you will be able to use things like cat traits and paw prints to narrow down where each cat was at the time of the crime and identify who is culpable!

The game board is a dinner table with six places to sit. Each place setting has different items on the table such as a ball of wool or a pair of shoes. Everything is in order. There are extra tokens that show the crime that can be used to further visualise what has happened by being placed on the board depending upon the challenge in hand.

The pieces are the different character cats. You push out a cardboard cat and place it into a holder so it stands up. 

These cats are all guilty of one or more crimes and you must work out which cat is to blame for the crime – whether it be who swallowed the fish or unravelled the yarn. 

A pack of 40 challenge cards from beginner level to expert are placed on the table and you chose one to tackle. From the information given you can work out where each cat was at the time of the crime. 

We found the easy crimes were very a straightforward to solve. You can place the cats where they were sitting at the time of the crime to deduce what happened: Who spilled the coffee tells you where a cat is sitting, who is sitting or not next to or opposite another cat so you just need to place them physically on the board and work it out. These are the best places to start.

The difficult cards were very challenging and really does test that critical and analytic thought. We found the best way was to start with the easy cards and work through them to build these skills. You will definitely need your cryptic head on to solve some of these crimes and really are more for an adult in my opinion.

On the reverse of each card is the answer showing the correct seating arrangements. We weren’t always right but we had great fun having a go. 

Priced at around £15 this is a lovely game that can be placed on your own or with friends. The quality is exceptional and the pieces are sturdy enough to last many years of play.

Cat Crimes is a brilliant brainteaser to test logic and analysis for any fan of cats and/or crime. If you are looking for a challenging quirky game this one is hard to beat!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.99

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