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Theraline Plushy Moon Maternity and Nursing Pillow Review

Reviewed by Amy Jones

What’s Good to Do has been reviewing the Plushy Moon maternity and nursing pillow by Theraline.

Since I received the pillow it has literally never left my side! As my bump gets bigger and bigger it has been a great night time support. I especially like how it is slightly smaller than other maternity pillows (measures approx. 140x27cm) so it fits perfectly between my legs and under my head for total night time comfort without feeling too bulky or intrusive, especially good for petite women!

During the day I use it to support my back, this has also included during a recent car journey as a passenger, it provided great lumbar support.

I especially like how soft and cosy it is, again unlike other maternity pillows the material is just so soft and comfortable. The top is a soft touch velvet terry plush material (6 colours are available) and the bottom is more silky. The Plushy Moon is filled with tiny beads so it is easy to mould to your shape and never feels uncomfortable, and because the beads are so small you never feel the beads themselves when you’re resting on it. I have yet to wash the pillow but instructions say 40 degrees plus a cool tumble dry.

The great thing about the pillow is once baby is born it can be used as a feeding support pillow and a ‘tummy time’ pillow.

A fantastic product I have already recommended this to several of my pregnant friends. Highly recommended, I could not do without this!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £23.95

Available to buy in 6 colours from Theraline here.


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