Thera-Pearl Eye-ssential Mask Review

Thera-Pearl Eye Mask

Reviewed by Trish Bramhall

I was chosen to review the Thera-Pearl Eye-ssential Mask which is a reusable hot and cold therapy eye mask – which offers ‘A new degree of relief’.

The product comes in a hard, plastic compact box, but for easy storage the company do advise to either store in a freezer or in an airtight plastic box.

The eye mask is filled with 100s of small aqua coloured beads and has an elasticated strap that easily clips onto either side so that the mask fits quite comfortably. It also has basic instructions on the back of it.

After a busy weekend away with friends, and after being out on a bit of a blustery day, I was now suffering a bit with my sinuses (and they say going out into fresh air is good for you!). So the Eye-ssential mask couldn’t have arrived at a better time for me to review.

I had read that it is good for sinus problems/congestion etc. so placed it into the microwave for 10 seconds (although I was a bit scared of the popping noise), and then I sat down to enjoy the warm soothing eye mask. Oh, this was great! and it kept warm for around 5/10 minutes, and yes it seemed to help to relieve my problem, so a little while later I again put it back into the microwave and gave it another go and I did feel a lot better and will definitely use it for this problem again.

I also occasionally suffer from bad migraines and always on the lookout for idea’s to help relieve the symptoms. Luckily, I was at home when I felt the migraine coming on, so I wasted no time at putting the eye-ssential mask into the microwave and enjoyed the warm healing power. This was so relaxing -just have me that 10 minutes ‘time out’ that I needed.

I work with computer’s a lot, and I’m at a certain age where the eyes are looking more puffy than in my younger years, so I decided to give it a go and see if the Eye-ssential Mask can make a bit of an improvement, as I had also read these can be used to relief dry eyes/puffy eyes. Into the freezer the mask went for a couple of hours, and then I sat with it on my eyes praying for a miracle… 10 minutes later I do think there was maybe a little improvement, so gave it another go the next day. It is so relaxing that my husband wanted to have a go and see what all this chilling, relaxing was all about… We all should take a step back and find time to do little things like this and get some ‘me time’.

You probably think that I am crazy as I even used the mask on my lip after accidentally getting hit  in the face with a ball!

The Eye-ssential Mask can be used for a variety of things you; aches, pains, or just for you to have a little ‘me” time  and I think I might  even take away on shortbreak holidays.

If there is someone you know (if it’s not yourself)  who would appreciate from something like this, why not treat them as this could be an ideal Christmas gift or stocking filler.

A gift that can be very easily used, is easy to store and easy to take anywhere. And works!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7

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