The Dreamboys Fit and Famous 2013 Tour Review


DreamboysThe Dreamboys
Fit and Famous 2013 Tour
St George’s Hall, Bradford

Reviewed by Pamela Wright

OMG where do I start reviewing this one (blushes slightly) – here goes………

I’d never been to St George’s Hall in Bradford before so was unsure where to go. We headed towards the area we thought it was and really couldn’t have missed the building if we tried, the groups of giggly excited females hanging around outside was a bit of a giveaway.

We collected our tickets and walked into the bar area – OMG I’ve never seen so many women crammed into one place in my life – the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement.  The ushers very really lovely and friendly and told us where we could find our seats (we got aisle seats too – BONUS!)

The main lights went out, the music started and the lighting kicked in – there was a huge gasp from the audience and lot of little giggles and cameras at the ready then out walks… NOPE not the Dreamboys but their Manager!!!  You could hear the giggles and chatter – but he was absolutely brilliant and really got us all laughing, screaming, shouting and generally riled up, he was hilarious and interacted with the audience, he did a brilliant version of Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl, and was the perfect cheeky chappy to open the show.

Then the real show started!!! All armed – phones at the ready focused on the stage as the lights went out – then the dreamboys appeared… from the back of the room hahahahaha, they were dressed as policemen with torches searching through the audience – as soon as everyone realised what was happening the screaming and wolf whistling started while the Dreamboys made their way to the stage.

All of the Dreamboys had amazing toned bodies and even though I know the main focus is on them stripping, they were soooo talented, their dancing, gymnastics and aerobics throughout the show were out of this world – they didn’t even look out of breathe when they were performing either. There’s no way I could pick out a favourite part of show as it was all super impressive – there was lots of teasing the audience and interaction during their show, they pulled out members of the audience to join them on stage too and came out into the audience getting different people to rub oil/lotion onto their bodies (I’m sure I don’t need to mention which body parts…).  They had us all up clapping, dancing and cheering thought the show, they even managed to make Gangnam Style look sexy.

They promised us the full monty and that’s exactly what they delivered, but… I’m not going to spoil it for you by telling you which Dreamboy(s) it was and if it was worth it – I’ll let you go see them and judge for yourselves!

We were very lucky ladies too as we managed to meet the manager and a couple of the Dreamboys afterwards as they were leaving the venue, they were really lovely to speak to and even let us have a cheeky photo taken with Dreamboy Lotan Carter!

dreamboys with pamela

This is a show you definitely don’t want to miss ladies – I’ll be booking to go see them again on their 2014 tour when they’re back in Bradford and I might even pop in to see them in their new Leeds club that’s opening in January 2014……

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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