The Tot Loft

The Tot Loft  is a platform for parents with young children to rent or sell baby gear which we all know is incredibly expensive. The aim is to give parents flexibility for their growing families and also reduce waste by forming part of the circular economy. 1 in 3 parents admitted they throw away toys in working condition in accordance with the British Heart Foundation. The Tot Loft reduces parents’ need to buy and throw away more by giving parents the options to rent or sell as their little ones grow.

You can borrow

… an outfit from HURR

… a holiday home from AirBnB

… a parking space from JustPark

… a dog from Borrow My Dog

… and now you can borrow baby bits from The Tot Loft

TotLoft will globally transform the way we consume baby items, challenging overconsumption habits while also making and saving our customers some money!

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