The Right Way To Deal With Old Furniture

As a family, we love going out for walks in the countryside. There’s nothing better than getting out there and explore the natural environment, breathe some fresh air, and have a good old stomp in the woods.

However, in the past few months, we have noticed a serious amount of evidence of fly tipping – everything from washing machines to old furniture. It’s such a shame to see the countryside spoilt by people who can’t be bothered to get rid of their junk in the appropriate way, so I thought I would throw a few pointers out there in case any of them are reading this!

Anyway, rant over – now here’s the right way to deal with old furniture and any other household goods you have no use for anymore.

Donate it

If something is still of use, why not donate it? I see so much furniture in excellent condition every time we go to the local dump, and I often scratch my head as to why it hasn’t been given away to a good cause. You would be amazed what people throw away, and it’s such a shame as handing it over to a charity makes much more sense.

The British Heart Foundation have a lot of furniture outlets up and down the country, and there are organisations like Emmaus that will be happy to take your old stuff off your hands. Just one more thing on giving to charity, though – you’re donating, not dumping. If your furniture isn’t in great shape, handing it over to charity is just going to waste their time.

Fix it, spruce it, sell it

As I mentioned before, you would be amazed at what people throw away. All it takes is a little elbow grease and creativity with your old furniture, and you could start getting some serious contributions to next year’s holiday fund. A replacement screw here and a little bit of sanding there is all it takes to get your wardrobe or old bed in order. Get hold of some chalk paint and wax, distress the finish, and away you go – you have some shabby chic or vintage furniture on your hands which somebody out there will be willing to pay for.

Advertise it on eBay or Gumtree, hire cheap courier services to deliver it, and you will make the recipient very happy – as well as improving your bank account. Not only that, of course, but your work will stop someone buying a new piece of furniture, so you’ll be doing your bit for the environment, too.

Repurpose it

Want to get even more creative? Then why not repurpose your old stuff into something else that you need. You don’t have to look too far to see some amazing repurposing ideas online, and in recent months I’ve seen an old door used as a fabulous bed headboard, an old vintage chest used as a kitchen island, and an old sideboard that has been turned into a vanity – complete with sink!

So, come on people – stop trashing our countryside and start being a bit more creative. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas below.

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