The Killing of John Lennon Review


Reviewed by Debbie Tasker

Starring: Jonas Ball, Krisha Fairchild, Mie Omori, Robert Kirk
Directed by: Andrew Piddlington
Certificate: 15
Running time: 110 minutes
Format: DVD
Release Date: 4 May 2015

I remember vividly where I was in December 1980 when the news that John Lennon had been shot was announced. The whole family stopped what they were doing. I was a schoolgirl of 14 and I watched the news intensely over the following days trying to learn more about what had happened. Over the years I have occasionally gone over that fateful day still wondering why? So I was very pleased to be chosen to review this excellent film.

The Killing of John Lennon is a biographical drama written and directed by Andrew Piddlington. Made in 2006 this British film gives us an insight into killer Mark Chapman’s life. Using trial transcripts, his diary, newsreel footage and “all his own words” we track the events leading up to 8 December 1980 and very importantly his footsteps after.

The central character Chapman is played Jonas Ball. His portrayal of the angry confused 25 year old is exceptional. He subtly shows how he fantasized about killing a celebrity and what made him choose John Lennon, who we all know from his Beatles fame, as the victim.

The film has a certificate 15 which I feel is right as the murder scenes are pretty brutal, I found myself gasping and covering my eyes and I am not easily shocked! In my opinion they really didn’t need to be so explicit to get the message across.

Shot mainly in New York in the actual locations that the events occurred this is a well-made, well-researched film that is worth a watch. I don’t think you need to be a fan of Lennon to enjoy this well-informed insight into the mind of a murderer and the consequences to his actions.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.99

Available to buy from from Fabulous Films here.

4 Star

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