The Importance Of Taking Your Car For a Service


Do you book your car in for a service when you get your MOT? Or, if you drive regularly, do you get a bi-annual service to keep on top of things in the months between MOTs? We all know that we should be getting at least an essential service once a year, but few of us actually do. Recent studies show that around half of us are worried about getting a service, and up to 25% actually avoid them altogether because they are scared of the costs involved if their car needs extensive repairs. This often leads to big shocks and even breakdowns further down the line. 

Unlike an MOT, taking your car in for a service isn’t a legal requirement. But, taking it into the garage for checks, top-ups and regular maintenance is recommended, and even if you are wondering  “What is the cost of an Aston Martin service?” chances are it’s far cheaper than a failed MOT of costly repairs after a breakdown on the motorway. Here’s a look at a few of the reasons you should be taking your car in for a service this year. 

To Keep Driving Safely

A service will help to spot problems with your vehicle and give the engineer a chance to fix them before they cause you problems, which could cause an accident. They’ll also check your fluid levels, change the oil, and sometimes check things like tyre pressure. All of which will help you to stay safe on the road. Even if there’s nothing at all wrong, this gives you peace of mind and helps you to drive comfortably.

It’ll Last Longer

Even necessary checks, repairs and maintenance, and simple things like changing air filters and oil, can help your car to last longer. Bigger repairs being done before they cause a problem means that you aren’t making things worse while you are driving around. Services might be a cost, but, if they make your car last longer, and reduce the need for more costly repairs down the line, it’s worth it. 

Improve Efficiency and Performance

Fine tune-ups to your car, and clean oil both mean that your vehicle is able to work more efficiently. You’ll use less fuel, saving you money and reducing your impact on the environment. These small changes also mean that your car is more responsive, easier to drive and that it performs better in all conditions. 

Increase Value and Create a Service Log

When you come to sell your car, prospective buyers will want to see a service log. They’ll want to know that your car has been well looked after and has had responsible owners. Having a complete service log can even increase the value of the vehicle and make it far easier to sell.

Reduce MOT Costs

Every year 5% of us pay into the £1000’s to get our vehicle through it’s MOT. Most of us are terrified of this day, and how much it will cost us. The good news is nearly 50% of faults that cause MOT fails would be spotted and rectified during an annual or bi-annual service.

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