The General Knowledge Pub Quiz Book Review

Reviewed by Hannah Chan

I love a good pub quiz! So seeing this book was available, giving it a good flick through was a no brainer!

My Dad and I love nothing more than to watch Eggheads or Mastermind with a cuppa, laughing over the questions we get wrong and feeling fabulous with the ones we got correct, so when this book arrived, I knew exactly who to call over to challenge. Usually when we buy a quiz book, we don’t pick it up more than once as we either remember the answers or the quizzes are very much the same. This book kept us entertained for hours (at least three cups of tea) as we quizzed each other and I will certainly read it multiple times. With more than 8,000 questions I don’t see me memorising them! 

The book is split into sections, the Easy questions or Level 1, the Medium questions or Level 2, and the Hard questions, Level 3.

Each quiz has 30 questions and the answers are listed on the opposite pages which makes flicking the page for answers really easy, I liked this feature as it meant you could read the answers straight-away without having to flick to the back of the book and find the correct quiz. It made the games more playable. The authors have also written a short but humorous introduction to each section of games.

Games are all on one page and written in plain text with no pictures, I think this makes it easier to access too.

The easy questions are half potluck or mixed quizzes and half of them have a theme for example football or the natural world, we found the easy section a nice mix of very obvious and funny questions and a good mix of general knowledge. They were great for making quick points if you were points counting and would make a good pub quiz in a setting alone.

The medium section was a little more difficult and required a bit more thought. There were quite a few trick questions in here and had the same mix of potluck and titles like Music charts or Sounds of the Seventies.

The hard questions were hard! We found quite a few of them very difficult and definitely Egghead level! (If you watch the program). These were more for professional quizzers and required a greater knowledge. A lot of the questions in this section were *you either know it or you don’t*. Titles included The Royals and Mrs Thatcher – which proved to be a very difficult quiz unless you had thoroughly researched her life’s work.

We chose a topic that was common across all three levels and played the quizzes, we chose football and found that the easy questions were ones most people would know even if they didn’t follow football, the middle level were a bit more challenging but questions football fans would know but the hard questions were really quite hard and you needed knowledge of specific matches or players. All were enjoyable though and you could see the difficulty in the levels clearly.

A lot of the level 2 and 3 questions wouldn’t seem out of place on University Challenge, and that’s probably the highest form of praise I could give it personally! Plus my Dad actually sat reading it for a while afterwards too, the sign of a good book as my Dad doesn’t usually read.

If I had any criticisms at all it would be that only a few of the questions were multiple choice over the whole book which made some of the questions a lot harder to think about, and there were a couple of spelling mistakes or missed letters but over all these didn’t take anything away from the book as a whole.

I think that this book would make a fabulous stocking filler, and at a price point of £7.99 it doesn’t break the bank either. Plus it’s a fab way to fill up the evening after Christmas dinner! There is a quiz for everyone so it’s perfect and readymade entertainment.

After enjoying this one I was happy to see that there are at least two more titles in the series, The Pot Luck Pub Quiz Book and The Pop Music Pub Quiz Book, which I assume are going to be similar questions to the quizzes in this book, but more focused on their theme. You can find them all on the Carlton Books website or on the link

Overall I’d give this book 5/5 stars. After all, who would argue with a book stamped by The Official Pub Quiz association!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.99 (Paperback)

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