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The Diet Plate Review

Reviewed by Nicola Wilson

I recently received ‘The Diet Plate’ and ‘The Diet Bowl’. It is best described as the complete weight management system; as a way to make portion control easy! Ideal for, dare I say, hopeless dieters like myself. I would definitely recommend ‘The Diet Plate System’ to anyone as a successful way to lose weight. Everyone is different and I would definitely recommend this to people who have tried most calorie controlled diets and if you know in your heart (like me) you cannot stick to most of them because (like me) “you just love food too much!”

I have been dieting on and off for a long time and I have always favoured a fitness programme first and a diet programme second. Giving up food has always been difficult for me and it has been hard to cut back on most foods; but now because of health reasons I have too. Not putting names to other programs but I have tried calorie restricted diet programmes (that have their own food products and shakes you have to buy). I have also tried fat reducing diet programmes (where you go to costly meetings, where you can buy recipes and books to learn how to cook differently) and sadly I had no long-term change with any of them. I have put my faith into ‘The Diet Plate’ and once I did, (no matter if I was a little naughty) I saw a difference in my shape and my health in just a few weeks. Like with everything there will be some negatives when it comes to using your own self-determination. To cut a long story short you will need your own determination (like with any diet) but as long as you stick to the idea (that you should always eat from the plate) and not eat from packets, other peoples plates or straight from the fridge (YES like me), you would see a difference too. I feel better for knowing that the health professionals came up with this product and this system was properly tested. I am going to be honest and come out and say that I had been convincing myself for years into thinking that I had been eating the right way. Now (because of The Diet Plate) I know I was always eating too much of the “not so bad” foods and not enough vegetables. My family sized portions have been prolonging my personal dieting hell.

‘The Diet Plate System’ I had included: One plate, one bowl and a helpful diet plate guide. Just in case you don’t know how it works, ‘The Diet Plate’ has measured sections where you place carbohydrates, protein and vegetables/salad or carbohydrates and meat sauces. There are many varieties of food and in different combinations. At first I had to make educational guesses to what food products fits where. No matter how hard you try! You can NOT get a lasagne to stand on its side… believe me I have tried!!!

‘The Diet Bowl’ has measured bands around the sides where you can place your chosen cereal with milk for low calorie breakfast or soup for a light lunch. The booklet helps with suggestions of which band to use in the bowl with what variety of food you like to eat. In my own experience you will benefit more from eating the healthier options with ‘The Diet Plate’ as your portion size is bigger and you don’t feel hungry. Their website was helpful and full of tips to stay on track and it has a member’s club to share your experiences. I see ‘’ as a very positive thing, it is available to inspire others or to get inspired to stay on track.

I am recommending ‘The Diet Plate’! For me it is like no other diet programme! This is because in my opinion it can physically show you what a healthy portion should look like and I can use food you regularly shop for and cook with. As a dieter it is so hard to “be good” when you have to count the calories, but ‘The Diet Plate’ you don’t have too. “Dieting made easier!”

Week One was very hard but I lost 8Ilbs and I have been steadily losing since. I believe that dieting is a very lonely thing and for that reason I don’t enjoy it. That’s why they have groups and meetings are designed to support each other and set personal goals but if that’s how you would prefer to do it, why not try both?

Overall, I give ‘The Diet Plate’ a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. I took one star off because it is difficult to travel with the plate and I can’t use it away from the home. I would love to see them come up with some kind of cook-wear for the average family meal so dieting is no longer lonely … awwww!

There are also male and unisex versions available, so no excuse for anyone.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £31.99 (plate and bowl set)

For more information or to buy visit

4 Star

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