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SweetheartGiftTinSweetheart Gift Set

Reviewed by Brenda Melaniphy

The Body Shop Sweetheart Gift Set Tin is a gorgeous gift for Valentine’s Day. It comes packaged in a red heart-shaped metal box. So, if you are not one for wrapping presents, then this is the ideal gift for you! On the front of the box are the words “skin tingling, knee trembling, heart racing, breath taking, never faking, love from…”. For me, those words are describing the way that someone feels when they fall in love. The heart racing that everyone feels when going on a date with someone they know is the love of their life. That breath taking excitement when first falling in love with someone special.

Inside the heart tin are the four products that make up the gift set – 60ml strawberry shower gel, 50ml strawberry body butter, 30ml strawberry eau de toilette and 10ml strawberry lip butter. This is a lovely all round set for those that like to pamper themselves from head to toe. The size of all the products make them ideal for travelling with as they are mini sized products. All the products are red in colour, either the packaging or the product itself is coloured red. This is obviously to do with the strawberry theme but it is also the perfect colour for Valentine’s Day.

The strawberry shower gel smells like strawberry ice cream. It is a sweet, fruity scent that reminds me of body creams I used to get as a child. It lathers up beautifully and feels soft and nourishing on the skin. You only need a small amount to get a decent wash so this small bottle will last a little while. The shower gel scent lingers ever so slightly after washing it off.

The strawberry body butter is beautiful! Again, this has the scent of sweet, candy like strawberries. It feels so buttery and soft on the skin and really moisturises any dry patches you have, especially the elbows and knees. It takes a little while to soak into the skin so it is best not to get dressed straight away after applying the body butter. The scent lasts about an hour on the skin and after that it is a very subtle strawberry smell that you have to get up right close and personal to smell!

The strawberry eau de toilette is a lovely strawberry smell but with more of a citrus undertone than a sickly sweet one. This makes it a really nice refreshing scent to use just after you have got out of the shower. The longevity of it isn’t great though – it only lasted about an hour on me before I had to spray it again.

The strawberry lip butter is for me, the best product in the gift set. It is light and moisturising on the lips. It makes them feel really soft and lasts a good couple hours before you need to reapply. In these cold, winter months my lips get especially cracked and dry and this has been a star product in overcoming that!

The set costs £17 and I think that this is a fair price for it. I would recommend it for a Valentine’s Day gift because of the selection of items you get and the lovely packaging. I am not likely to buy the set for myself as I prefer perfumes that have a longer scent life and the smell of the body butter and eau de toilette is just a bit too sweet for me.

Rating: 3.5/5

RRP: £17

Available to buy from in-store or online from The Body Shop here.

3 half Star

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