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OnesiePassionate Pink Star Onesie

Reviewed by Louise Platt

Up until about two years ago I had no idea what a Onsie or All-In-One was…

Suddenly they are everywhere and both my kids and most of the generation below me seem to own one. I have secretly coveted owning one myself but being in the 40+ age bracket I would never have dared buy one…

So when WGTD asked me to review one from The All-In-One Company for them I jumped at the chance (much to my husband’s mortification!)

The All-In-One-Company (not surprisingly from the name) specialise in making All-In-One suits for adults and children. You can buy off the shelf from their various collections or design your own bespoke Onesie. Whatever you go for there is a BIG range of colours, patterns and designs with a huge choice of add-ons (tails, pockets, hoods, ears, feet etc…).  It really is Onesie Heaven!

The suit I chose was from their Valentine Collection – a Passionate Pink Star Onesie with hood and detachable feet. I chose my suit online and the website is great. If you design your own you can see exactly what you are going to get from the mocked up image and it is very easy to navigate.

The suit itself is lovely. It is very well made and very, very cosy… When it arrived it looked ginormous but once on it fits perfectly – they come up big so you have plenty of room to snuggle in them apparently. I feel like a teddy bear in it – it is so soft and cuddly.

These Onesies are not cheap but you are paying for the quality and choice and also an exceptional service.

The All-In-One Company also have a Facebook page and they run regular competitions to win one of their suits so it is well worth looking them up and “liking” the page.

I give this product and the company 5 out of 5. Although mine will definitely be staying behind closed doors.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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