TGI Fridays Stockton-on-Tees Review

Reviewed by Paula Bowes

This summer if definitely the summer of sport with the Euros in June and now the Olympics currently in full swing. We decided to visit TGI Fridays at Teesside Retail Park in Stockton and see what their summer sports promotion was all about!

TGI Fridays is one of our favourite family restaurants and both children get excited when we plan to go there. The restaurant is easily recognised as soon as you enter the retail park and has plenty of parking close by; after a short wait at the hosts desks we were seated close to the motorbike (that my 4 year old son is crazy about!) and the menus were placed on the table along with a card wheel with questions on and some certificates for the children to colour in. The host who seated us did not explain what this was but after reading the notes on the certificate; this was the summer sports promotion which TGI were running. The children had to spin the wheel 3 times and write their answer to the questions down on the certificate; they would then hand this in to get a free ice cream sundae! My 4 year old enjoyed spinning the wheel and answering the questions, he has been really interested in the Olympics and these questions tested his sporting knowledge! He particularly liked the “act out your favourite sport” section on the wheel!


There was a sign outside the door for the summer of sport promotion but at no point did any member of staff mention this to us or explain what they needed to do, I had to ask for if we could hand them in and then again ask for the ‘gold medal’ which was just a gold ‘about me’ sticker. I do feel that as this is a big promotion that TGI are running the staff members could have made a bigger deal about it and perhaps explained to the children what it was and looked at their certificates / asked them about the questions they had to answer.


All the staff members who served us today were all friendly and helpful, and straightaway the kids healthy snack pots were brought over as well as a balloon animal for them. During our visit we ordered: a cheeseburger deluxe meal, duck fajitas, children’s hot dog mean and a children’s fish finger meal; I even managed to add a treat cocktail in for myself as well (which was delicious!). Our food was brought out in a timely manner and everything was cooked and presented well and we all enjoyed our food and even managed room for dessert!

The restaurant was very clean and tidy throughout and staff we clearly visible clearing tables straightaway and making sure everywhere was clean.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was upbeat, when we first arrived it was quiet but towards the end of the visit more people had started to arrive all adding to the ‘Friday Feeling’ atmosphere.

Overall we all enjoyed our visit, the food was enjoyable especially the duck fajitas and the chocolate brownie! My son described his visit as “the best visit ever” and he loved his prize ice cream sundae. I do feel I would have liked the staff to tell us about the promotion and explain it to the children and build up some rapport with them when they collected their certificates/giving them their medals without me having to prompt them to.

We will be returning to this restaurant and we will recommend it to others.

Rating: 4.5/5

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TGI Fridays, Haydock Park Road, Teesside Shopping Park, Stockton-On-Tees, TS17 7BG
0344 692 0289

4 half Star

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