Tesco Kids Hand Wash Range Review

TescoTesco Kids Hand Wash Range

Reviewed by Michelle Jenkinson

Getting children to wash their hands after using the toilet can be quite a dubious task. Being a mother to two young boys I often find myself repeatedly asking my boys to wash their hands after visiting the bathroom and then having them answer me back refusing to wash them. On the one hand you need to make hand washing interesting to young children and on the other you need to help them to understand that they should wash their hands to wash germs away.

I was sent two hand wash products to test with my children. The two products are for age 3+. Both of the products were popular with my boys who are 4½ and nearly 3. As the products have an age 3+ limit I used my discretion to test these products with my nearly 3 year old as he washes his hands with my supervision.

The first hand wash was a Minions Giggling Hand Wash priced at £2.00 for 250ml. There is a little tab that you pull out of the pump and then when you touch the pump you hear Minions giggling. You don’t actually have to push the pump down to set the giggling off as the sensor in the pump is very sensitive. My boys love the Despicable me films so this hand wash was a hit with them straightaway.


The second hand wash was a Squid Soap Hand Wash priced at £1.99 for 250ml. The idea behind this product is that you press the top of the pump to magic ink your hand. You then soap your hands and work into a bubbly lather and then wash your hands until the magic ink is gone. My boys took quite an interest to the squid that comes with the hand wash giving it the nick name ‘squiddy’. My 4½ year old was quite intrigued when I explained to him about washing the squid ink off your hand.

The pumps on the hand washes are sturdy and easy for the young children to push down. A decent amount of soap comes out of the pump enough to lather your hands up.

Each product has a different appeal to my boys. The Minions Giggling Hand Wash is the current favourite with them. For me though I quite like the Squid Soap as I like the idea of the ink dot on your hands and having to wash it off encouraging good hand washing practice.

I would recommend these products. They hand washes are reasonably priced and fun. They make hand washing more interesting for kids.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Available to buy from Tesco stores nationwide or online at


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