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Classic Yumbox Review

Reviewed by David Savage

The Classic Yumbox is a kids lunchbox to help parents pack a balanced meal with portion control using its own separate compartments.

When I received the Yumbox the first thing that struck me was the weight, it is quite heavy compared to say a Tupperware box with lid (490g). On opening the plastic box there is a clear plastic tray (this seems to the majority of the weight) that has five separate compartments, all labelled as to what type of food should go into each compartment; Dairy, Fruits, Protein, Grains and Veggies.

The idea behind the Yumbox is great, you can pack wet and dry foods (no liquids) in the compartments next to each other and they won’t leak on to the other foods or out of the box itself.


The compartment on the food tray are divided into 5 ½ cup portion sizes (based on a toddler aged 8), giving one for each key food good plus a small round dip well! With the rubber lid inside the hard plastic box it provides a tight, leakproof seal for wet foods. So even if the box is bouncing around in a child’s backpack there should be no leakage or mixing or the foods (so far we haven’t had any problems). The tray sits quite tightly in the Yumbox with no room for movement but easily lifts out when the box is opened.

So with the separate compartments to separate food groups, creating a tasty lunch for school, days out, picnics etc.. it also has an educational value of teaching portion control and a balanced diet whether that is the parent packing the box or the child eating the contents. It is also great for picky eaters.


The Yumbox is BPA and Phthalates free, easy to clean (the food tray is dishwasher safe) and measures 22 x 15 x 5cms.

My only small negative is that there is no carry handle, while not the biggest issue I think this would be a big improvement and make it perfect for toddlers.

While at £24.95 it is rather expensive but it is quite thick, durable plastic (my niece is forever dropping it and so far hasn’t cracked), it hasn’t leaked and there has been no contamination of the different foods mixing together or the wet foods ruining the dry foods and being able to easily manage portions and creating a balanced meal makes it more than worth the money.

I would rate it 4½ out of 5 only due to the lack of a carry handle.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £24.95

Available to buy from

4 half Star

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