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Reviewed by Dawn Watson

If I am honest I did not know much about Tesco’s Finest range so I was delighted to be chosen to review and see what there was on offer.

The Tesco finest range was launched in 1998 with a strong focus on ready meals, however since it’s relaunch in October 2013 Tesco buyers have been committed to bring the best products on offer from around the world to be included in their finest range, to push Tesco to the forefront of supermarket stores premium brands. The finest range has everything from beautiful wines, meats, cheese, to tea and coffee.

Armed with my £10 voucher off I went to my local Tesco’s to see what I could choose. I certainly was spoiled for choice. Then I came across their Tesco Finest range included in their ‘meal deal’ – wow what fantastic value. A main meal, a side dish, dessert and a bottle of wine (or soft drink) for 2 people for £10!! Obviously other supermarkets do similar deals so I was intrigued to try Tesco’s to see how it would compare. We enjoy treating ourselves to a takeaway at the weekend but it is getting so expensive now with an average Chinese meal for two being in the region of £15 with no drinks.

We certainly had a large choice in one whole section. Side dishes included salt and pepper wedges, roasted Mediterranean vegetable rice, spinach and pine nut pasta, roasted potatoes in goose fat, and cheddar mash. Mains included chicken and chorizo paella, beef in chianti, chicken and potato topped pie, chicken with lemon and herb butter, Moroccan lamb spiced meatballs, and dessert choices included baked lemon cheesecake, Swiss chocolate and salted caramel pudding, profiteroles,  pear and pecan tarts or even a strawberry trifle. Within the same section you could choose soft drinks of elderflower water, Coke or lemonade. If it was wine you fancied you had the choice from a rose, a white or a red.


We chose the salt and pepper wedges, chicken and chorizo paella, cheesecake and the white orvieto wine. If we had purchased separately this would have cost us £18.54which wouldn’t have been too bad if we think how much a takeaway costs and this included wine. However it was only £10! The wine we chose on its own is £7.19 so this for us was extremely good value for money, however we were reserving judgement until we had eaten and tasted the food.

At first I was slightly worried the portion sizes were less than we would normally have but I was forgetting we also had a pudding! The wedges didn’t take long in the oven and crisped up nicely, just before they were ready I put the paella in the microwave as advised in the instructions, the smell was amazing. My partner and I were delighted, the wedges had just the right amount of seasoning to not be overpowering and were lovely and crispy. The paella is something neither of us would normally choose but we both were very taken with it, beautiful flavours, very ‘Spanish’ and absolutely delicious, one we will definitely be going back to get again. Portion size, after us thinking wouldn’t be enough, was more than enough. The vanilla cheesecake had a good thick crumbly base that I like and lovely and vanilla flavoured.

So all in all we had a beautiful three course meal enjoyed alongside a stunning white Orvieto wine that I personally had never had before, and will be purchasing again, for £10… excellent value for money and what was even better was how tasty and scrummy everything was. I am sure you could not have made these dishes for what we paid and we had a lovely bottle of wine too. We are a convert to Tesco Finest range, especially their meal deals, highly recommended.

We have had another supermarkets meal deal and we can honestly say Tesco’s range is far superior in my opinion.

The only thing I was curious about was the choice for vegetarian’s… I couldn’t see anything suitable, but I am assuming each store will have other items you could choose from, and for the main meals there was a lot of ‘chicken’ dishes. Other than that it is a definite 5* from us,  fantastic!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Available to buy in-store from Tesco or online here.


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