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Tenderflame Candle And Table Top Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

I have been lucky enough to receive two products from Tenderflame, this is a company I had never heard of before but as someone who always has a candle or two on the mantelpiece I was very keen to try them.

The biggest difference between these and other similar products on the market is the fuel that they use, Tenderfuel is 100% organic, nontoxic, it provides a very clean flame, there are no smoke or soot particles given off and there is no odour, it is also very safe, I was surprised to read the word inflammable on the Tenderfuel bottle but after reading through all the information I found out that the Tenderfuel will only ignite when it is in contact with the stainless steel wick that is present in all Tenderflame products. I should also mention this wick has a lifetime warranty.

Photo credit: Tenderflame

The company product information tells me that “100 small Tenderflame candles produce less emissions than a single tea light” so they are very eco-friendly product.

I found them perfect for a table centre piece as there was nothing coming from the candle that could mingle with the smell or taste of the food but it still created the right atmosphere.

As I said earlier I am a candle fan, I like them because they help create a warm, relaxing atmosphere, especially on the dark winter nights when we close our curtains so early.

I was really impressed with the height and intensity of the flame from these products, they can be used indoors or outdoors and the fuel can be safely topped up while the wick is burning, the one wick candles can be extinguished by blowing and the larger candles with multiple wicks come the their own metal extinguisher.

Photo credit: Tenderflame

The Tender Candle Lilly 10 would make the perfect gift as it includes a 0.5 litre bottle of Tenderfuel, it is available with a black or copper finish and the beautifully simple Scandinavian style mean that it would easily fit into anyone’s home.
The Tender Table Cafe 18 is a much weightier item featuring a solid oak base available in black or natural it has three wicks that when lit merge into one large mesmerising flame, this is suitable for indoor use but I have been using mine outdoors on the patio as it looks lovely as the outside light begins to fade, a metal flame extinguisher is included and again it has that simple Scandinavian style that blends into any interior. For this item the fuel has to be purchased separately.

The Lilly19 candle gift set is priced at £24.99 and the Cafe10 tabletop is £129.00, Tenderfuel prices start at £9.99 for one litre.

The web site https://tenderflame.co.uk/candles/ also has the full selection of candles, gift sets and tabletops they even have fireplaces, freestanding or wall mounted. Also on this site you can search for a stockist near you, they are not currently available to buy on line. 

Rating: 4/5

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