Tech21 Impact Band iPhone 5c Case Review

ImpactBandiPhone5cCaseSmokeyImpact Band iPhone 5c Case

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Mobile phones nowadays are extremely expensive and are so easily dropped and scratched (trust me I know this from experience) and you want a good reliable case to protect your phone after spending a small fortune on it.

In this day and age mobile phones are a massive part of people’s lives, mine included as it gives me the freedom to go where I want knowing that people can still get in touch or vice versa.

Finding a good solid case to protect your mobile phone can be hard as there are so many different types…

Flip cases, Armour Cases, Gel Cases you name it I have tried it and to be honest I have never found one that protects my iPhone 5c completely so was a little sceptical when I received this case as it was very similar to ones I have purchased previously.

Upon arrival I found the case well packaged and arrived in one piece, I quickly opened it and loved the packaging it came enclosed in.

I read the small print on the backing card and opened it up to see my new case.

My first thoughts were it was a little masculine for me as I have a bright pink phone and wasn’t too keen on the grey and orange colours of the case but colour really wasn’t important, protection for my phone was what I was after and I was pleasantly surprised how solid the case felt considering it looks like a gel case.

I slipped off my old cover and put my new one on and found it a snug fit with no gaps at all which was fantastic as I have had similar cases in the past which gaped at the top and sides and felt quite loose.

The camera lens hole was nice and big meaning no case in my pics and the charger and earphone holes were perfect.

Although as I mentioned above I am not a fan of the colours I really like the feel and fit of this case and am confident now that my phone will survive any falls or drops in the future as this fitted hardwearing case is protecting it nicely with its D30 Impact Protection Material and curved edges meaning it really keeps held to the phone.

A good high quality phone case which does exactly what it says.

Might not be the prettiest item but it feels good knowing my phone is safe and snug inside the case.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from Tech21 here.

4 Star

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