Team Sport, Dunstable Review


Reviewed by Paul Magnan

I was delighted when I was told that I could take a friend along to Team Sport in Dunstable and do a review.  The booking procedure was all online and was straight forward.  As part of the process I had to provide information about myself and the friend that was going with me.  

Team Sport offers go-karting and has several locations throughout the UK which you can see here.   

The venue was on an industrial estate and was easy to find.  It has its own car park with a good amount of parking spaces.  Upon entering we went up to the reception desk and gave our names.   We were then given the protective clothing which was a boiler suit, gloves and helmet each.  These items were available in various sizes.  I was a bit worried beforehand that my friend who is 6 foot 7 may be unable to join in, however he was able to and there was a racing boiler suit, gloves and helmet available to fit him. 

We then headed to the locker area where there are changing rooms/toilet facilities.   Free of charge digital lockers were available where you could input a pin code to lock your belongings away while at the venue.  We struggled to find a locker to use, but after getting help from a member of staff discovered that this was because some of the lockers were broken.  There didn’t appear to be a sign on the broken/out of use lockers so perhaps this is something the venue could do.

Then we were shown where to go for our 15 minute induction where we watched a video on safety and how the go karts work.  After the video was over a member of staff asked us if we had any questions.

We were then taken to the track and assigned a go-kart each.  We happened to be lucky enough to have the track to ourselves for our session, but this is not always the case.  Once in our Go-Karts we had to go snails pace to get used to how the lights system worked.    Our time go-kart racing could consist of either one 30 minute session on the tracks or 2 separate 15 minute sessions.  We opted for the latter.  We had a 5-10 minute break in between our two go-karting sessions where we could buy refreshments or use the toilet facilities.  It was such a laugh racing each other on the go-karting track.  It got really competitive.  I won our first session on the track.  My friend won the second session.  I think that, being a non driver, he was more confident by his second attempt.    During our time on the track I noticed that plenty of marshals were around so felt safe. After our races were over we were sent a picture which had our lap times on it. 

I used the toilet facilities during my visit and found them to be clean and tidy.  They were clearly well maintained.   There is a viewing area which can be used by those not racing which has plenty of seating available.  There was also a bar area where refreshments could be purchased.   I did find the prices quite expensive.   Alcoholic drinks could be purchased after your track time, but not before or during it.

I think that this would be a fun activity to do with friends, work colleagues or family, perhaps as a Stag Do, birthday celebration or team building work event.   Overall I loved the experience and would recommend it to others.  I do plan to go again.   

At the time of writing this review, you can get 10% off when booking online using the code GET10.  You can even buy an annual membership. For more information please see here

Rating: 4/5 – I have knocked a point off, due to the issues with the lockers and the price of the drinks.  Other than that, highly recommended.

To book please visit the Team Sport website here.

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