Teacher’s Pest by Charles Gilman Review

Tales from Lovecraft Middle School Series


Reviewed by Shelley & Emily Owens

After months of tense anticipation the next exciting instalment in the Lovecraft Middle School series has arrived! Having counted down the days until its release, my daughter Emily was eager to get her hands on it and I could tell by her satisfied expression and the sure, steady turning of each page that this adventure was not going to disappoint her. Once again Charles Gilman transported her to the sinister world of monsters and demons from an alternative dimension, where a crazed physicist has hatched terrible plans for the human race! Here is what she thought:

Wow, what a book, after months of waiting I was eager to dive back into the world of Lovecraft Middle School! The front cover is as eye catching as ever, with the character of Howard Mergler transforming into a hideous bug-monster as revealed at the end of the previous book.

Lovecraft fans will find it easy to slip back into the series as the adventure picks up right where The Slither Sisters left off.  Don’t worry if you’re a newbie, Charles Gilman makes sure that he recaps key points so that Teacher’s Pest can be enjoyed without feeling as if you are being kept in the dark; after all, not every school hides gateways to another dimension!

Teacher’s Pest has to be my favourite book of the series so far.  As this exciting instalment unfolds, the author really begins to develop the main characters in the series. Dramas at home are thrown in with the demons, monsters and creepy crawlies that make up an average day at Lovecraft Middle School. Short, action packed chapters will keep you turning the page as our heroes are faced with more outrageous monsters and terrifying situations.  

Yet again the very talented illustrator Eugene Smith brings the characters to life with incredible detail. Inspiring the reader’s imagination, he matches Charles Gilman’s descriptions brilliantly and for me, it is one of the things that make these books so unique.

Teacher’s Pest is a must read book for Lovecraft Middle School readers and fans of the fantastically freaky. If ghosts, monsters and the truly terrifying are your thing, then this and the other books in the series are for you!

This is now the third volume in the spine-tingling series and with each adventure young readers are treated to more sinister happenings. While Lovecraft Middle School and Tillinghast Mansion give up their secrets little by little, the author has cleverly crafted each one to read as a standalone story as well as part of the spooky series. Emily and I defy anyone to not want to piece together the clues and accompany the hero Robert Arthur, his two headed pet rat and his trusty companions on their amazing adventures.

We give Teacher’s Pest 5/5 and highly recommend both it and the series as a whole – check out the companion website for insider information, interviews with the author and illustrator and fun filled fan features.


Rating: 5/5

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