Talk To Me Paddington Review


Reviewed by David Savage

With Christmas fast approaching it is always difficult to know what to buy as gifts for children. So we have been trying out the Talk To Me Paddington plush bear from Rainbow Designs.

The Tallk To Me Paddington is approx. 40cm tall and comes with 5 pre-programed phrases, he also repeats back what you say to him. He requires 3x AAA batteries to operate (supplied and already installed behind a battery compartment that requires a screwdriver to open so that tiny fingers cannot get at the batteries). There is an on/off switch on the base for when you need him to stop repeating your conversations. He comes with his trademark blue duffle coat and red hat but no wellies. And because of the battery compartment on the base rather than in his back he can be sat down on a flat surface. He feels very plush and soft.


When you press Paddington’s left paw he says 1 of 5 phrases; “Hello my name is Paddington“, “Good afternoon I’m from darkest Peru“, “Marmalade sandwiches are my favourite“, “I’m a very rare sort of bear” and “It’s nice being a bear, especially a bear called Paddington“. His mouth will move along with his voice as he talks.

When you squeeze his right paw the recording chip is activated and he will repeat the words that you say to him; if you say “Hello” he will repeat “Hello”.

I was trying this with 4 year old twins (suitable for children 10 months +) and they have enjoyed it, more so the repeating back of everything they say rather than the pre-programmed phrases! It is a great cuddly toy that seems very well made and I love the fact that there is an on/off switch as it can become annoying when they turn it on and leave the room to keep hearing your conversations repeated back to you from somewhere in the room.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £29.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 half Star

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