Talk To Me by Stephanie Reid Review


Reviewed by David Savage

Talk To Me by Stephanie Reid is the first book in the Protector Series.

Emily Simon is a counsellor who has worked so hard she hasn’t had time to focus on her own life. She decides to try internet dating and has only 2 rules: no men with emotional baggage and no risk takers.

Her brother, Sean, is a cop and when his partner, Mac, is involved in a fatal shooting of a teenage boy he tries to get Emily to help him out by trying to set them up on a date. But with his emotional baggage and his dangerous job and the risks involved Emily refuses to do it but no matter how hard she tries she is somehow drawn to Mac.

When Emily’s office is trashed and a death threat is left on her wall Mac seems to be the only person that can help her but ill she in return be able to help him?

Overall, Talk To Me is a book filled with love, romance, humour, suspense, crime and danger. While it is probably more suited for female readers and could be considered “chick-lit” readers of good stories, male or female, will love it. it is very well written with a good flowing storyline and does leave you guessing to what is going to happen next with twists and turns.

Easy to read with characters that step out of the page. A story of how when 2 lonely closed off people let love into their lives by dropping their guard can change lives forever.

A very enjoyable read.

Rating: 5/5

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