Summer with Elastoplast Review

Reviewed by Amanda Gazzard

With the school summer holidays in full swing and the kids getting outside to play, as much as the weather allows, there are going to be some accidents – generally from falling over while running, skipping, playing ball or even falling off a bike. Most of these cuts and scrapes can easily be fixed with a simple sticking plaster (which also magically wipe away any tears).

The three products I am reviewing today are Fabric Plasters, Wound Spray, Wound Healing Ointment.

Elastoplast Wound Spray 100ml

Even superficial wounds can become infected if they’re not cleansed effectively. Cleansing the wound is an essential first step for optimal healing and it is recommended for all types of wounds.

Elastoplast Wound Spray is an easy to use spray for the antiseptic cleansing of minor acute wounds such as cuts, abrasions, first and minor second-degree burns and open blisters.

It can also be used for chronic wounds and postoperative wound care as per your doctor’s instructions. The Elastoplast Wound Spray also helps to remove crusts or clotted dressings.

I must admit I have never used this kind of product before and I am glad I got the opportunity to test this out as this is now something that will be in my first aid box from now on.

The spray bottle comes in two sizes 50ml and 100ml. The spray worked well at any angle, which is so handy especially when you have little ones moving around, definitely ideal for outdoor pursuits.

There are clear instructions on the label attached to the bottle which recommends the best routine for optimal wound healing.

The solution is transparent and odourless and does not stain clothing as it does not contain Iodine or Eosin.

What makes this product ideal especially for children is it causes no pain or stinging when being applied to the skin or even when it’s drying; this is due to there being no alcohol.

The Wound Spray is a brilliant and an effective way to clean wounds from dirt and to avoid from wound infections. Something I must admit I was a little sceptical of at first but after my son fell over on the pavement I used this to clean the dirt out of the graze. There were no tears and minimal fuss. 

My daughter suffers with eczema and I found this spray did not aggravate her skin in anyway.

The Wound Spray is skin friendly and is safe and suitable for children over the age of two.

Wound Healing Ointment 20g

An ointment to support and speed up the natural healing of minor superficial wounds like cuts, abrasions and scratches as well as first and smaller second-degree burns.

Elastoplast Wound Healing Ointment can be used at any stage of the healing process on superficial open wounds and damaged skin.
A moist healing environment has been clinically proven to aid and speed up the natural wound healing process. Elastoplast Wound Healing Ointment creates a breathable film that protects the wound from external influences while preventing the wound from drying out. This is clinically proven to promote faster wound healing and reduce the risk of scarring.

I have used other branded products before which were an antiseptic cream and automatically presumed this was similar. Upon reading the box I realised this product was something far better. The Wound Healing Ointment does exactly that. It heals wounds or damaged skin up to 2x faster compared to skin not being treated.

I accidently burnt my arm whilst ironing and decided to use the Wound Healing Ointment. I was pleasantly surprised by how soothing it felt. I covered my burn with an Elastoplast plaster and did not find the plaster to become unstuck or the Wound Healing Ointment oozing through.

I suffer with sensitive skin and the ointment did not aggravate my skin in anyway.

The Wound Healing Ointment is free of colourants and fragrances. I must admit I was impressed with how quick my small burn healed and compared to other minor burns I have unfortunately experienced in the past, the scarring appeared to be lighter in colour this time.

The Elastoplast Wound Healing Ointment is gentle enough for babies and children.

From this one use of the Elastoplast Wound Healing Ointment I am impressed enough that I would recommend and be purchasing this product again. 

Elastoplast Fabric Extra Flexible Plasters

Elastoplast Fabric elastic plasters are suitable for covering all types of smaller wounds.

The material stretches with the skin’s movements. The non-stick wound pad protects and cushions the wound. The strong adhesion ensures that the plaster stays in place.

The box contained 4 different sizes plasters. I used the small strip plaster when I had my small burn from the iron and found it to stay in place.

The largest plaster came in very useful as it covered my sons knee perfectly and the fabric is stretchy so if stretched enough not to pucker round the edges when my son moved his knee.

As with some plasters I have never been 100% satisfied that they have stayed stuck in place for any length of time. The Elastoplast Fabric Extra Flexible Plaster proved to be very sufficient in sticking and I never needed to reapply because of them becoming unstuck.

These plasters also are available in strips which are ideal as you can cut to any size.

Overall, I was pleased with all of the products I reviewed and would recommend them without hesitation.

 I would rate these products 5 stars.

Rating: 5/5

For more information visit Available to buy from all good pharmacies and supermarkets.

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