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Back to School with Wilko Stationery Review

Reviewed by Katy Nettleton

Even as a child, I used to love getting to August and choosing my new stationery for the next school year. I get so excited looking at ways to make my writing look neater, and every year (even now, as mum to 3 children) I make the promise to be more organised and leave less to the last minute every August. I am not a teacher, but have an academic planner each year as I find that by being able to co-ordinate with the children’s timetable makes it easier and means I can plan everyone’s activities, homework time easily! Now I have found the solution!

The 3 wipeable, whiteboard planners (RRP: £2) one for this week (school/work week), has become a popular organisation tool between hubby and I. Each Sunday we write down what is happening with the children the next week; school, activities and our work. My only slight negative thought on this is that the pen writes quite chunkily meaning you aren’t able to write loads in each day, however there is enough room for us to keep it simple and jog our memories. We have 3 children, who all do various activities so having one place to write everything down makes it easy to keep tabs on which parent is doing what taxi service! The pen that comes with it, has an eraser, making it quick and simple to change when activities change or at the start of the next week! The sheets can be stuck onto the fridge easily with a magnet (not supplied) or permanently with the self-adhesive backing. However, we have used a bulldog clip (from the stationery set) and put it on our key holder to make sure there is no excuse for not knowing what is going on! The other 2 sheets which come in the pack is a notes page and also a shopping list – which I have not used as much. Although as they all sit comfortably together held either by a magnet or bulldog clip I am trying to increase its use and “jot down” items we need each time, to save time when writing a shopping list (and forgetting items we need as they weren’t written down!) or what calls/organisation we need to do.

The next item I have is a desktop planner (RRP: £2.50) in the sentiments design – this is amazing. It does not have the dates on but has 52 weeks tear-able sheets which can either be used as a to-do-list or timetable. I use it for both! As a working mum I am always writing notes about what to do, but forgetting where I have placed them, so now I have no excuse with my new “school-year resolution” of becoming organised. Each Sunday I write down the plan for the week, as in what and where I need to be, but then daily add to-do notes. The thing I like about this planner is that not only is it small but has ample space for my writing but that it allows flexibility on how to use it. For example, for the days I am studying I put in the subject, location and for when I am working, I can easily add what work I need to be doing and also record times against each. As this has no dates, I write in the top corner the date the week commencing on the top corner of each sheet, but that’s only because I am trying to be organised! This has helped me to keep on track of jobs to do, and I am sure you could easily use it for full-time study, work or even housework!

The bargain pens! £1 for 3 Wilko Hypernatural Pens are so neat and don’t leak! If like me, you enjoy having new stationery there is no need to pay the bigger prices for a good looking, professional and comfortable pen to write with! I will be buying each style I can imagine!

The other delightful bundle I would like to review is the A5, (RRP: £3) fawn linen hardback notebook. Like many A5 notebooks this is ruled, but there is space at the top of each page for the date, making this hand-bag sized book perfect to take to lectures, seminars, training sessions or even meetings! The paper feels thick and it would not run or leak through pages, especially if you are using Wilko’s the ball point pens!

The Sentiments Stationery Pack (RRP: £4) has brightened up my desk, it looks stylish elegant and allot more expensive that it was! The scissors cut around 5 pages at a time, easily and without tearing/dragging and the paperclips are not flimsy at all! This set is certainly stylish, with rose gold branding and light touches of silver and gold. My desk looks so pretty and really encourages me to use it and be organised!

Overall, I am extremely happy with the Wilko sentiments range of products and am delighted at how they are encouraging me to stay organised (even though it still early in the academic year), their high quality and also how great they look on my desk and in my bag and at lectures! I will definitely be shopping here more for my stationery, and as stationery geek I cannot wait to explore the aisles and designs in store!

My stationery haul was posted in a small brown box, with Wilko branding on but for the first time in a long time, the box was not too big (better for the environment) and very little plastic waste (on my drive to be kinder to the environment this has delighted me) and no item was damaged in delivery.

Overall, I give each product 5 out of 5 and will definitely recommend for others to buy, use and enjoy!

Rating: 5/5

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