Summer Holidays are Almost Over, so what About Next Year?

Summer Holidays are Almost Over, so what About Next Year?

Where did that summer go, eh? It seemed like we were embracing those glorious heatwaves and before you know it, it’s back to school time in all the shops; I’ve even seen a few places already stocking Halloween stuff (very spooky indeed).

All the smart early bird travellers out there will already be wise to know that right now is the best time to start researching where to jet off to in 2020. Travel sites are eager to get as many places filled at resorts all over Europe for next year, especially when the cost of travel isn’t affected by Brexit just yet.

If you’re toying with the idea of booking a 2020 family holiday already but don’t know where to start, here is some advice on how to get the best deal possible online.

Don’t just Google, but use Google

I think there are just too many travel sites these days and sitting down to plan a holiday can see you jumping between 50 tabs on your laptop in no time at all. I’ve shifted to using Google Flights as a way to get a better idea on flight times and prices.

Whatever way it connects to your Gmail it does a better job of telling you when prices change and if you’d be better going to another airport close by instead (very handy to navigating the age of “which London airport do we use” conundrum). All the main airlines are plugged in directly too, so you don’t get that hidden fee or price changes that the normal comparison sites provide.

Oh, and when do you decide to book everything, it will sync it with your calendar! Technology can make things very simple sometimes, which leads on nicely to my next bit of advice, especially if you want a fuss-free holiday next year.

Package it all up

While I love a good comparison site as much as the next person, there’s no beating the fact that having everything taken off by a travel provider makes life easier. Already some of the top in the UK are springing early deals with companies like Mark Warner offering deals on 2020 family sun holidays to the likes of Greece and Sardinia.

Booking in advance can see you save up to £300pp, and we all know how dear family holidays can get come January when we have to book within that small window in the calendar. Package deals on half board are also cheaper the earlier you book, so see if there’s a decent hotel or else it’ll be ham sandwiches on the balcony every day for lunch.

Get insured now!

I hate to be the millionth person to bring up Brexit today, but with no one knowing what’s going to happen on the other side of the calendar, if you already know the dates you’ll be travelling in 2020, get insured now.

It isn’t common knowledge, but most insurance providers let you get insured up to a year in advance of your travel dates, so if you know, get on it. I can’t stress enough how handy it can be to do ASAP.

Reasons you should get insured early include:

  • Cancellation Protection – if you saw the recent BA nightmare, you’ll understand why it’s good to have
  • Illness protection – it can cover everything for anyone in the family who gets sick or has an accident
  • Unforeseen Circumstances protection – helps when freak events crop up that would normally see you lose money on deposits and flights

Just a few minutes applying online can be a lifesaver come this time next year.

Still need a little help planning next year’s family holiday?

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