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Stuff A Loons Review


Reviewed by DT (note – initials used for reasons of my childrens’ privacy)

My twin sons recently had their 9th birthday and I was delighted to have the opportunity of reviewing Stuff A Loons.  One of my twins in particular is very keen on arts and crafts.  Even before the Stuff A Loons product arrived I had a feeling that it would be a big hit with him.  I wasn’t wrong.

The product arrived quickly in perfect condition.  The box looked appealing to adults and children alike.  T and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.  The box contained: maker station, 12 balloons and 6 reusable clips, 4 stands, 10 mini balloons, 2 x glitter and 2 x confetti.   It is suitable for age 8+ so at 9 years old T I think fits perfectly within this age range.  The enclosed instructions were easy to follow.  In no time we had figured out how to inflate the balloon.  We simply popped it in place making sure we popped the correct plastic piece into place first.  Then came the fun part pumping air into the balloon and filling it with treasures, glitter and confetti.   We did find it a bit tricky at first to remove the balloon and attach a clip without it deflating but after some practice T and I managed this.  I liked that a generous amount of glitter, confetti and curling ribbon was included in the set, enough to have so much fun. The balloons are a decent size when blown up and this leaves plenty of options with regards the gift you perhaps pop into the balloon.

Even nanny joined in the Stuff A Loon maker fun.  It was great fun thinking of what to fill the Stuff A Loons with.  Yes, we had some fails along the way but I think that that is part of the fun.  I think that this product helps children learn problem solving skills which is so important for every day life.   My T is so taken with this toy.  He has played with it for hours at a time over the course of several days.  I also like the fact that once the confetti, curling ribbon and glitter are used up we can easy get some more from a retail store selling craft materials.

This product is very good quality. The pump mechanism is robust and I can see it lasting for years to come.  The balloons themselves seem to be made from strong material and the confetti, curling ribbon and glitter are excellent quality too.

I think that with an RRP of £16.99 this toy is great value for money and would make a fantastic ‘Just because’ or Christmas gift idea.   This is an activity that I think would be great to get out when friends or family visit.  I will cherish my memories of T, his nanny (my mum) and I making Stuff A Loons with this product.

I love this product, as does T.  The big kid in me wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £16.99

This product can be purchased from Smyths here.

This review has been written as part of a wider piece of coverage about a Summer Birthday Celebration.   Do have a look out on the website for the other reviews that are a part of this coverage plus the main review-led article. At the time of writing this review, the review-led article is not yet online.

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