Stewart Royal Modern Tartan Scarf Review

TartanScarfStewart Royal Modern Tartan Scarf

Reviewed by David Daubney

On immediately receiving the scarf, it lived up to its description. As part of its packaging it provides a concise yet informative history of the Stewart Royal Tartan.

You can feel the quality in the scarf as its 100% lambswool. Personally, I found the scarf a little thin to the touch and I would also have preferred it a little longer, maybe by an extra 8 inches. The reason I say this, is that I prefer wearing a scarf in the Parisian knot style and felt, once pulled through it would have benefitted from being a little longer (but maybe I just have a large neck!).

Having said earlier that the scarf felt a little thin to the touch, the weave and strength of the scarf makes it feel durable. Having worn the scarf through this recent bout of wind and rain, it managed to keep my neck warm, and stopped the wind from getting through.

If the Stewart Royal style tartan is in your heritage, this would make a very nice, personalised gift.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £14

Available to buy from here.

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3 Star

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