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Start-Rite School Shoes Review


Reviewed by Rosemary Knight

I have an extremely active, boisterous grandson, O*****, who loves running around the school playground playing football and generally scraping and banging his feet against everything, so I was delighted when I was offered a pair of Start-Rite school shoes to review. I was given a choice of leather or vegan shoes in a variety of styles and sizes. I plumped for the Start-Rite Extreme Pri black leather shoes in a size 2.5 G. Sometimes it is difficult to obtain hardwearing stylish shoes in such a wide range, especially when different width fittings are required, but Start-Rite offer a fantastic selection.

I was extremely impressed as soon as I opened the recyclable cardboard box and found a pair of sturdy, lightweight shoes which look extremely smart and comfortable. The Start-Rite Extreme Pri leather shoes are the toughest ever school shoe, made from durable leather with a wraparound toe bumper guaranteed to withstand the most extreme activity so will be perfect for my active grandson. The shoes have velcro riptape fastening so they can be easily adjusted instead of having to fiddle with laces and can be put on and taken off with the minimum of fuss. This is so important for little boys as they really can’t cope with the time and effort which they have to spend attempting to tie laces and they usually end up with the laces trailing on the ground. The sole has a fantastic tread design, designed to prevent little ones from slipping when running round and is light and flexible, ensuring comfort for growing feet. The breathable mesh lining ensures that feet stay fresh throughout the day especially as O***** will be wearing these shoes all day long and absolutely hates having to put up with sweaty feet. These sturdy little shoes also provide enhanced protection around the toe, heel and side and will stand up to all manner of boisterous play, which is absolutely essential.

I always believe in buying the best possible item which I can absolutely afford as my maxim is ‘buy cheap, buy twice’, so it really does not make sense buying inferior quality shoes for children. I could probably go to my local supermarket and buy a much cheaper pair of shoes for my grandson, but they would not last more than a couple of weeks, whereas I would expect the Start-Rite shoes to last until O***** outgrows them. The quality of the shoes is outstanding, exactly what I want from a pair of school shoes. The design is smart and fashionable and they are so hardwearing that they are absolutely perfect for any schoolboy. The scuff-resistant design means that they will continue to stay looking smart even after lots of wear.

When O***** saw these shoes and got to try them on he was very happy as he loves to look trendy and stylish. I am very pleased with the Start-Rite shoes and would recommend them to any parent, with children of all ages as there is such a vast variety of different styles and sizes.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £49.99

This product can be purchased from Start-Rite Shoes Ltd here.

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