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Star Wars Timeline Review

StarWarsTimeline1Star Wars Timeline

Reviewed by Rachael Osborne

I was so excited to review this game, being a huge Star Wars fan! This game is made by Asmodee Editions and retails with an RRP of £12.99.

The packaging is very eye-catching and the game comes in a sturdy tin box. I love the detail to the top of the box. It’s 3D and looks fabulous. I intend to have it out on display on my Star Wars bookcase.

Game unpacked it was time to assemble the players, namely myself, my son Samuel (9), my husband and my dad (who has only seen the films once or twice). The game involves putting the events of A New Hope (Episode IV) The Empire Strikes Back (Episode V) and Return of the Jedi (Episode VI) into the right order. I must admit to finding the written instructions initially baffling but the diagrams inside the instruction booklet make it easier to understand! Once you get into the swing of it it’s easy to follow.

Each player is dealt 4 cards time position down! No peeking! Then you take it in turns to place it on the timeline. Once placed you need to check whether you were correct or not. I do love the fact that this game can be altered according to whether or not you are playing with other fans. So for the massive Star Wars fan you could dish out a lot more than the four cards each. There are 110 cards in the box, the cards are very sturdy and of a nice size.


This game proved to be a little difficult for my dad, as he hasn’t seen the films much but is perfect for any Star Wars fan, young or old. My son keeps asking to play it, and I’m thinking a games night may be in order for some of my fellow Star Wars fans!!

A must buy for the Star Wars fan in your life!!

I can’t wait to see if they cover the Episode I, II and III too!!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £12.99

Suitable for: 8 years + | 2-8 players

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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