St-Germain Liqueur Review

Reviewed by Emma Rogers

St-Germain Liqueur, as their website says, is the ‘liqueur created in the artisanal French manner from freshly hand-picked elderflower blossoms.’ No, I’d not heard of elderflower blossom liqueur either, but when we arrived at Soho Square, London, we were about to test St-Germain cocktails at their pop-up venue on the square.

The shop-front had been turned into a pop-up florist, complete with elderflower bouquets and a team dishing out flower temporary tattoos to liven up the evening! The pop-up had two venues for trying the liqueur, one downstairs with a live band and straight onto the outside deck. The bar upstairs was quainter and bijoux, with long velvet curtains and a small intimate bar. Much like the cocktails we sampled!

The bartender, lovely Sebastian, explained to us each of the specially designed cocktails that were available. We tried the Abeille and Printemps cocktails, which are mixes of beeswax whisky and gin respectively. I’d never tried elderflower alcohol before, but it tasted slightly flowery with a less acidic taste. It mixed well with the whisky, but was especially good with Oxley Gin, and the flowers and mint that mixed with it.

All the cocktails, as well as looking beautiful, were perfect summer drinks, lighter than a Pimms, and I thought they were less fussy as well. I would suggest St-Germain as a mixer with other light alcohols rather than on its own, or with something like orange juice.

Check out their website for cocktail ideas (don’t worry, it’s not all in French!) and see for yourself:


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