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Spring Cleaning with Vileda and Marigold Review

Reviewed by Colin Hewitt

I was recently sent an assortment of cleaning equipment to review.

The Vileda SuperMocio 3Action Mop (RRP: £8.50) and the SuperMocio Bucket and Wringer (RRP: £8.99).

I must admit, my initial thoughts were, ‘so what can be different about a bucket and mop?’ but having used this product a few times, I can already see that it is much more efficient and effective than the squeegee-style household mop we previously used around the house.

The mop has a twist-and-lock extendible handle, which is extremely easy to adjust and use. The length of the handle can be set to achieve a comfortable cleaning action. The handle also has a hook at one end which can be utilised for storage.

The SuperMocio XL mop head simply clicks onto the handle, and you’re ready for action.

On the mop head itself there are distinct areas designed for different cleaning tasks. The blue micro fibre area is used for everyday cleaning, wiping away dust or greasy marks. The red stripes are used for more heavy cleaning; it is a scourer; however, it is much gentler than a scouring pad and therefore doesn’t scratch the flooring. Finally, there are raised red spots which assist with picking up hair and loose particles.

The package I received contained one mop head, it looks very durable and should last a while. However, replacement mop heads are easily available from most supermarkets or from www.vileda.co.uk (RRP: £4.99).

This particular model is labelled XL because the mop head is wider than previous models, hence having 25% additional floor contact (surely nobody enjoys cleaning floors, so any design feature which makes the task quicker must be a good thing).

The bright red bucket (apparently 10-litre capacity – I’ll take the manufacturer’s word on that one) is an ideal size, but still reasonably light, and easy to carry when filled with water. The mop head is wrung in the ‘torsion-power’ area, which twists, and compresses the microfibre strips. The torsion-power section was incredibly easy to use and become familiar with, I had no difficulty in ensuring that I didn’t put too much water on the floor; hence the surfaces I cleaned dried extremely quickly.

The bucket also has a lip so the dirty water can be poured away quickly.

I tried this product on vinyl tiles in my kitchen with very impressive results. I then tried it on Karndean flooring in my lounge (with a minimum amount of water) and again the results were excellent.

In addition to the Vileda Mop and Bucket, I received a Marigold Squeaky Clean Microfibre Cloth (RRP: £1.99).

Although this cloth is made from microfibres, it also has a coating which makes it feel like rubber.

The super absorbent, purple coloured fabric can be used on all surfaces around the home. I tried the product in the kitchen, but it can also be employed in the bathroom on shower doors and baths etc.

The kitchen taps, stainless steel draining board and glass oven-cover were all left shining, immaculate, and streak free after using this product.

The cloth is machine washable (to 60°) and appears very durable so should last a considerable time.

The final product for review was the Marigold No More Elbow Grease heavy duty cleaning pad (RRP: £1.10).

The extremely flexible pad is sponge filled with an outer layer of stainless steel. I tried the pad on a barbecue cooking grill with dried on fat. The pad (used with some kitchen cleaning liquid), quickly cut through the dried on grease and food residue. I was extremely impressed, and the results were better than using a spiral steel scourer or the cheaper green scouring pads I usually use. I was also impressed that the pad rinsed out very easily and could be used numerous times (my usual spiral or green scourers are often immediately disposed of after tackling the barbecue racks.

The product names Marigold and Vileda are well-established household brands, Marigold; founded in 1947 and Vileda in 1948, they are renowned for their quality and attention to detail.

These items were a pleasure to use, and I would award them all 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5/5

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