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Spicentice Spice Rub Selection Box Review

Reviewed by Amanda Gazzard

I could not wait to review this product as I love to cook from scratch and the smells that came from when you open the individual pots truly makes your mouth water and your stomach goes into overdrive eagerly waiting for the taste sensation.

SPICEnTICE have produced a mouth-watering selection of spice rubs and seasonings for instant flavour injection! Add to an existing dish or create new. Simply rub, sprinkle, crumb, baste, marinade, glaze and enjoy flavours from around the world.

The set consists of 9 pots weighing between 32-55 grams depending on the flavour.

There is each 1 of each flavour rubs, which are: Ras el Hanout, Harissa, Italian, Peppery, Herby Fish, Tandoori, Barbeque, Chipotle, and Chimichurri.

SPICEnTICE rubs are suitable for vegetarians and they are slimming club friendly due to their low-calorie content what more could you want.

The spice rubs are displayed clearly in a presentation box so you can visibly see each flavoured container. Each rub is in a re-sealable stackable plastic container which is perfect when storing away. The plastic containers are wrapped in cardboard sleeves, which on the inside of the sleeve gives a brief guidance on how to use the spice rub if you choose to use it as a rub, sprinkle, paste, crumb, baste, marinade or glaze. I thought this was a great idea especially and it suggested what you could add to it to use it to its full potential.

Each spice rub has no additives, no preservatives and no colouring.  

Now for the fun bit the taste challenge. I must stress I have not had the opportunity to use all of the rubs yet but following on from the success of the ones we have used so far I have no doubt they are going to be just as delicious.

I have used so far; the barbecue rub, tandoori rub and harissa rub and wow they were all bursting with flavour and the smells were out of this world. I used the barbecue rub as a rub. It was very simple to use, and I followed the guidance on the packaging. Now I oven cooked my chicken due to the wrong time of year to start up the barbeque and don’t get me wrong it still tasted great, but I think with the added flavour cooking on a barbeque brings this would intensify the flavour even more. This is personal preference I appreciate that. I used the tandoori rub as a paste as I made a curry. Normally I would add various spices to make the desired taste, but this was an effortless way of achieving the same result. This also meant that I did not need to purchase lots of different spices which would keep the cost down. I was a little hesitant on how much to add as it does not advise you on the amounts to use as I suppose it’s a personal choice. I decided less was better initially, the flavour still resulted in being great but next time I make it I know I need to add more to get a stronger flavour. I decided to use the harissa rub as a glaze and used it on roasted vegetables. This is something I would have never thought of doing before but it was a huge success with the family and something that I would do again.

There only improvement I would add to this is not to do with the flavouring, as the ones I used so far have far exceeded my expectations, but what I would like to see is on the packaging how spicy the rub is. Now the reason I say this is I have children who like most can be a bit fussy especially when trying something new and so it was a gamble when trying the rubs on how spicy the flavours actually were. 

This would make a great Christmas gift for anyone, whether you are a first timer in the kitchen and not too sure about the vast range of spices available or someone who isn’t afraid to experiment with new flavours and techniques. Trust me this would be a gift that would be a huge hit and you never know you may be invited to dinner to enjoy the flavours as well.

SPICEnTICE retail this selection box at £27.99, which considering the amount of different flavours you’re getting combined in a selection box I think is great value for money.

I rate this product well-deserved 5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £27.99

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