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Sous Chef Beech Wood Chopping Board 40cm Review

Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

This is an awesome chopping board and a must for any kitchen.

The first thing I noticed, for me personally, was the great depth of the grip handles either side.  I struggle with my hands, so, to have a chopping board so thick, it was great to be able to take hold of the grip handles and lift. It’s not very heavy and being able to use the grip handles makes it feel even light when lifting it up or moving it around.

The 40cm beech wood chopping board is a kitchen must have, saving scratches and nicks to your kitchen surfaces. This particular chopping board is particularly thick and sturdy. It’s a strong, robust and solid chopping board, making it great to withhold frequent and daily usage of it.

It is ideal for all chopping, cutting, slicing and mincing tasks. I prepare all my food from fresh, so I need to be able to rely on a chopping board that can weather all types of food, herbs, spices and more.

I most definitely suggest that it is rinsed off after each use, whilst this prevents cross contamination it also prevents staining the board from foods such as red or green peppers, carrots etc.

For a great tip in making sure your chopping board is cleaned thoroughly, wash after use, then sprinkle the chopping board with some salt and then rub it with 1/2 a lemon, squeezing at the same time to release the lemon juice. Make sure you rinse off after you’ve done this and then pat it dry with some kitchen towel. Not only does this help reduce discolouration and gives it a very good healthy and hygienic clean, it also gives a nice clean fresh smell to the chopping board.  

The Sous Chef Beech Wood Chopping Board is 40cm long, 30cm wide and 4cm high. 

Would I recommend this chopping board? Most certainly, at a bargain price of just; £29, it is money most definitely well spent.

It is only £3.50 for delivery within the UK or FREE when you spend £35.00 or more.

Hand wash only as advised above.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29

For more information or to buy visit www.souschef.co.uk.

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