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Reviewed by Anon

I have heard so much about this giraffe that I was pleased to be able to review it. Happy Birthday Sophie! Sophie was born on 25th May 1961 so she is 60 years old in a few days’ time. For a toy to still be manufactured since it was first made tells you a lot about the toy and what people and more importantly babies think of it.

Sophie comes in a white rectangular cardboard box with transparent window on the front of the box so you can clearly see what you are going to get. Sophie is 17cm tall and is made of natural rubber from the sap of the Hevea tree native to South America, which is probably the most important rubber producing tree in the world. This means that Sophie is more durable and flexible than if she was made out of PVC, but as a result of being produced from a tree, she is expensive. You can tell immediately that Sophie is manufactured in France (by Vulli), as French dominates the front of the box together with a drawing of the Eiffel tower. The colours are classical being predominately white with silver and beige. There is a green logo on the front to emphasise that Sophie is made of natural rubber. On the sides of the box in 7 different languages is information to say that contents may vary together with information on how to clean Sophie. The back of the box explains that Sophie is a baby’s first sensory development toy.

Sophie has a certain smell to her which is pleasant and sweet and what is more important, this is an attractive smell to the baby which certainly encourages them to put Sophie into their mouths. My grandson is 10 months old and loves Sophie; chewing on her ears and horns with his front teeth whilst holding her by the neck. She is very light and the face as well as being cute is quite soft and bumpy so ideal for rubbing along the gums. When my grandson gets older (I will have to wait and see), Sophie’s long legs can reach teething spots in the mouth like the molars that other teething toys cannot reach and of course being a rubber toy, it comes with a squeak which certainly surprises the baby. Babies at a very young age see contrasts in colour so the dark spots against the creamy background of Sophie’s body do stand out.

It is important to know that the paints are non-toxic (a relief), food grade paints and that all you need to do is wipe down Sophie with a cloth rather than sterilise her when the baby is young.
Sophie has won all sorts of awards over the years from Mumsnet, Mother and Baby to Practical Parenting and Pregnancy. I like the fact the toy has a name as toys can often end up being called what they are, like Giraffe so the name Sophie makes it part of the family.

Would I recommend Sophie for a first time Mum? Yes, particularly if the first time Mum is given it as a gift when her baby is born or as a christening gift as it is a little expensive though from John Lewis and Amazon you can get it for less than £12.

Rating: 4/5 (due to price)

RRP: £14.99

This product can be purchased from Sophie la Giraffe here and also John Lewis and Amazon.

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