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SodaStream Spirit Review


Reviewed by Sian Manning

I was so pleased to get picked for this item as I have wanted one for years, I couldn’t wait to get started with it and unpacked it all straight away!  They sent the Hydration pack (RRP £79.99) which contains 2 flavoured cordials, 2 small 0.5l bottles, 2 1l bottles, the gas cylinder and the maker itself.  The maker I have is black but there is a wide choice of colours available, along with different makers and packs on their website.

I was really happy to see when I was taking it out of the box that they have used only a very very small amount of plastic packaging, most of the items in the box were secured by cardboard and therefore easily recyclable and much much better for the environment. Everything was packaged really well, to say that there were glass bottles in there, a gas canister and also the bottles and maker, nothing was moving around, banging together or breaking.

SodaStream have been making fizzy bubbles for over 100 years now, with makers being available in homes for generations (my Mum still has a retro yellow and cream model in her kitchen!). The idea and goal is simple, people making tasty fizzy drinks in their own homes, saving the planet one single use bottle at a time. They sell not only makers, but also additional bottles and flavours for you to make your favourites and try some new drinks at home.

As I said I was excited to get this out of the box and give it a try, once I had it all out and on the side and set up, which couldn’t have been more simple and only took a matter of 1 or 2 minutes, I took a quick look at the brief instruction leaflet and thought “yep, got it, I know what I’m doing”, don’t be like me, double check what you are doing is right and have another look as you’re doing it… otherwise you may well end up with a VERY soggy kitchen, a few wet towels and wondering where on earth you went wrong.. twice.. oops!

So after I had cleaned everything up again, I had another look at the pictures and realised my mistake, try number 3 resulted in everything going to plan and I ended up with some sparkling water. Great if you like sparkling water on its own, however if you are like me and don’t like the taste (yes for all of you saying it doesn’t taste of anything, it really does) then thankfully Sodastream sell some delicious flavours that you can use to make your favourite drinks or you can try something completely new. In the box were 2 bottles of Soda Press Flavours, a raspberry and mint and an old fashioned lemonade. I tried both, separately of course, the raspberry and mint first, sounds delicious and summery, smelt great and to be honest it was nice but not quite what I was expecting, it was a lot more mint with a hint of raspberry instead of raspberry with a hint of mint, still nice and refreshing, especially if straight from the fridge.
The lemonade is particularly delicious and exactly what I was expecting, it is like a high quality, expensive lemonade and exactly what I was hoping, I love a lemonade and this one really didn’t disappoint, I would certainly buy this again and stock up for summer. Each of these glass cordial bottles makes approximately 12 drinks, give or take depending on how strong you like the flavouring, once open you need to keep them in the fridge.

The other thing I love is that often I will pout a drink from a 2l bottle, meaning that by the time I get to the end the last drink is usually quite flat, this eliminates that as each drink can be made fresh, giving you the control over the fizz, lightly sparkling, to super fizzy, you decide.

I must admit when I first saw these SodaStream makers in the shops they were a lot bigger than I thought and with only a tiny (think large pantry) sized kitchen I was worried we just didn’t have the space for any other gadgets on the side, I am pleased to say I was wrong as although tall they don’t actually take up much room, I normally have a bottle or 2 of fizzy something on the side so this instead looks much nicer and is more environmentally friendly.
While we are on the environmental aspect, it is one of the key reasons I actually wanted one of these, I do love a fizzy drink and often feel bad for the sheer volume of plastic bottles that we go through and although we recycle not using them is of course ultimately better for the environment. By 2025 SodaStream will have eliminated 67 billion single use plastics, that is incredible, using their bottle – the one you use to make the fizzy water – when you go out just makes things so much easier, and at the press of a button it is quick and easy too. Then when you get home it can even be popped straight in to the dishwasher. The gas cylinders are also recyclable and once sent back, or taken back to a supermarket they are inspected and reused again minimising waste. You also then get a discount on the next cylinder for recycling the old one, win win.

This is going to make my kitchen tidier, reduce our use of single use plastics and get used daily, I’m not sure why I didn’t buy one sooner as I’ll also save money by not buying expensive branded drinks in the supermarket.
There are so many flavours available to buy to go with this, to make some of your favourite drinks, like colas, lemonades, cream soda, diet drinks and the more luxury ones like passionfruit and mandarin, blueberry and lime and lots of others, you can get them on the SodaStream website and some are currently on offer when bought in packs of 2 or more.

Any SodaStream (there are lots to suit all budgets and aesthetics) would make an incredible gift for anyone that likes sparkling water or fizzy drinks in general, the drinks taste fantastic and the environmental aspects really make this a winner in my eyes.

It would be the perfect gift for a Dad for fathers day, who wouldn’t want a nice fresh drink in their hand, sun out and feet up, especially if you make it for them – just don’t flood the kitchen, it’s amazing how far a small amount of water can go!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £79.99 for the Spirit Hydration Pack

You can purchase this item from the SodaStream website here.

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