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Socky Dolls Bunty the Bunny Review

Socky Dolls
“Bunty the Bunny”


Reviewed by Charlotte Hopkins

Socky Dolls come in a variety of designs and I received Bunty the Bunny for review. A soft and uniquely shaped, contemporary design with a cute loveable character. Pop it in the microwave and you have a nice, soft and sweet smelling alternative to a hot water bottle. Rugged construction aside, I would personally expect a higher quality of stitching and attention to detail on tag alignment, eye/nose stitching.

Very practical, and the advertised odour is perfectly suited to its target use – being strong enough to notice yet not overpowering.

The colourful design and huggable shape make Bunty an ideal bedtime companion.

If instructions are followed correctly his heat containment is sufficient for a whole evening of cuddles.

Overall, I believe that Bunty is slightly over-priced for the quality of the production, but not by much.

I would recommend Bunty to others and believe that he would enjoy a cult following given the uniqueness, playful and practical nature of his design.

Everyone who we have introduced to Bunty have instantly fallen for him, and struggle to resist the urge to touch, squeeze or play with him.

The packaging is minimal, colourful and informative with all safety warnings clearly stated on attached tag but it could be susceptible to damage or fouling due to no container.

RRP: £11.99

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from Find Me A Gift here.

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