SockShop Beautyfeet Heel Pad Socks Review

SockShopBeautyfeetHeelPadSocks2Beautyfeet Heel Pad Socks

Reviewed by Debbie Lowndes

I opted to conduct a review of the Sock Shop’s Beauty Foot Heel Pad Socks. The socks arrived promptly, they were black in colour and so very versatile for everyday wear. The actual quality of the socks themselves was good, they were nice and soft and easy to wear.

The idea of the socks is to nourish and soften your heels. Over time they will reduce the cracks which appear. In order to do this the socks contain a patented nourishing pad within the heel section of each sock. The packaging advises that daily wear will for care and nourish your heels. The pad assists your sebaceous gland, sweat glands and skin to revive hence reducing hard, dry and rough heels.

I have worn the socks on three occasions now, you do not feel the heel pad when you are wearing theses and they feel no different to wearing normal everyday socks. Hence they are so easy to wear, and the bonus is you are assisting your feet to look great for summer months, special occasions and summer holidays etc. If these sock do the trick you will feel confident about having your heels on show. Ladies we all know that cracked heels is not a good look! The pad is just like a piece of cotton within the heel section of the sock, it is white in colour and it acts as a lining around the heel. This is not visible through the socks. When they are on they are just like a routine pair of black socks. They are so comfy and this is a huge bonus as it makes them very easy to wear.


Like I say I have only worn them on three occasions so far, but I am already noticing a difference. My hard skin on the back of my foot has started to become softer. I am determined to make full use of these socks as I really want to maintain a cracked feel heel look. These are so much easier than messing around with a pedi or pumice stone.

A few details of what is inside the heel pad (obtained from the packaging).  The pad contains a patented nourishing formula that consists of advanced softening and moisturising ingredients together with a closely guarded Chinese herbal recipe and Nano-Silver. I think it is worth mentioning that there is no scent to the socks they smell, fit and feel like standard ones. These socks are one of the most comfortable pair of socks that I own and I will be making get use of them and hopefully I will see great results in the weeks ahead.

The packaging for the socks is very descriptive and attractive to the eye. It allows you to feel the quality of the socks prior to making your purchase.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £8.99

Available to buy from SockShop here.


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