SNIFFE And LIKKIT – ‘Give A Dog Cologne’ Review


Reviewed by Helen Noble

Sniffe & Likkit has launched a range of premium dog grooming products designed to capitalise on the on-going humanisation of pets and the Petcare category’s continued growth. The range has already scooped Health & Grooming ‘Product of the Year’ from PetQuip – the international trade association of pet equipment manufacturers.

Set up by two Soap & Glory veterans, the range takes inspiration from the fine fragrance and personal care categories. This includes the notion of ‘masstige’ (prestige quality at affordable prices), which is a major growth driver in beauty and men’s grooming, but not yet seen in pet care.

Well-being is at the heart of the firm’s approach, with its luxurious shampoos, fragrances, balms and wipes based on all-natural aromatherapy oil and a focus on natural ingredients – specially formulated to be pH-balanced for dogs’ skin.

Fresh out of the beauty industry, their founders came bounding into petcare with passion and desire to create exciting new ‘petscentric’ luxury grooming gifts and treats to indulge hairy hounds.

Sniffe & Likkit believe in getting more hound for your pound!. Their formulations have been specially developed with a powerhouse blend of natural actives and botanicals to give optimum skin and fur care benefits, whilst ensuring your dogs smells and looks great too. They ‘likked’ all the boxes and avoid synthetics like SLES, SLS, parabens, phylates & silicones.

Products arrived within a small neat easy to open recyclable cardboard box, lined with silver tissue paper, covered with peach tissue paper with a Sniffe & Likkit logo sticker, all coordinating with the beautiful silver & peach packaging of their products.

Give a dog cologne is 125ml bottle of fragrant fur conditioning mist, pump action spray, Shake bottle before use then spray the light mist a couple of times on to your dogs coat and either brush or stroke it evenly through their fur, this is just enough to fragrance and freshen up your pooch and with it been a mist this can be done without making their fur feeling wet. I have a cockapoo who’s wavy long hair needs constant grooming to keep it looking and smelling great, I am always willing to try new products.

This really does give your dogs coat a refreshingly quick freshen up, great to use in between bath time as part of your dogs grooming regime. The aroma is of a natural woodland, earthen smell, quite mild so not excessively strong and up your nose.

Give a dog cologne has the signature woodland wonderfur scent, 100% natural blends created from essential oils renowned for their calming and soothing properties these are: Petitgrain, cedar wood bark, vetiver, juniper Berry and ho leaf.

It has a Multi-vitamin complex to help promote healthy skin and hair, Quilaja bark soap which is a natural gentle cleansing agent from Chilean soap bark.

White willow bark extract- renowned for its antibacterial properties, Zea mays a silky smooth fur conditioner made from natural corn starch
And a Wiff patrol natural deodorising technology (made from fermented mushroom extract) to waft away woofy wiffs!

To humans this aromatic woody scent opens with a hint of citrus petitgrain to uplift and revive the senses. Fresh green grass notes of vetiver are delicately entwined with an infusion of warm camphorous cedar wood bark oil from the Atlas mountains. A few drops of Juniper berry bring rich comforting aromatics to create a wonderful woodland vibe, while herbaceous ho leaf infuses a beautiful soothing ‘scents’ of peace, cool and calm in the woods.

To hounds, the Sniffe is a familiar reminder of the natural earthy woodland smells found whilst foraging and sniffing the great outdoors.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.00

This product can be purchased from the Sniffe and Likkit website here.

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