Slumberdown Airstream Mattress Topper Review


Reviewed by Louise Totton

It wouldn’t be a British summer without mad, changing weather! It seems like we have no sooner got rid of torrential rainstorms and the ‘shall we bung the heating on’ conversations and we’re now hunting out the fans and boiling in our beds at night! Both me and my other half ‘sleep hot’, and it’s been worse since we invested a new bed and memory foam mattress, which we find makes us absolutely bake in the bed. The problem is, as it is the Great British Summer, we could be in our thermal pyjamas and bed socks next week, so I wasn’t sure I was ready to crack out the summer duvet just yet. Fortunately, Slumberdown have a cracking option that allowed us to tackle our overheating issue from the bottom rather than the top.

We were asked to try out the Slumberdown Airstream Memory Cool mattress topper, which promises to revolutionise the way we sleep in the warmer months. Slumberdown claim that their mattress topper is cooler than sleeping on memory foam, which could only be a good thing in our house as for the last few nights, we have been waking up grumpy and still tired because of a poor, hot night’s sleep.

The Airstream comes packaged in a sturdy, zippable bag with carry straps that is the perfect size for storing a winter duvet in, when you are ready to move to the lighter, summer one. We opened the bag and retrieved the mattress topper, which was rolled up, opened the inner plastic packaging and laid it on the bed. I have to say that impressions at the point weren’t great! Far from the 4.5cm thick, luxury mattress topper we were expecting, we actually had a thin, lumpy and very creased mattress topper on the bed! Still, we persevered after reading the instructions which said we should leave the topper laid out for a few hours as this would resolve these teething problems. One thing I would say at this point is that there was absolutely none of the awful, chemical smell that memory foam mattress toppers can emit – our memory foam mattress actually fugged the bedroom out for a few days so it was a massive relief that we wouldn’t have that issue with the Airstream!

True to its word, after a few hours (probably about 8 as I was out at work all day), I ventured back into the bedroom to see how the Airstream now looked, and I was very impressed! Gone were the folds, lumps and creases, and in their place was a lovely, soft and spongy mattress topper. The Airstream fixes to the bed with thick, elastic corner straps and it only took a matter of minutes to get it securely on the bed. We then finished making the bed (depending on the thickness of your mattress, you may need an extra-deep fitted sheet) and were ready to test it out.

Since we have had this on our bed, I can honestly say that both me and my other half have slept much better. It genuinely does make a difference and we have been getting much less hot and bothered at night-time – I can’t say why but underneath us does somehow feel more ‘breathable’ and is definitely less sweaty. It has made our bed cooler, softer and an awful lot more comfortable – we were getting to the point where we thought we might need to swap our mattress for a new one, but this has saved us that expense. It hasn’t moved an inch on the bed either, so the elastic straps are doing their job really well and keeping it in one place. The cover is removable and washable, making it perfect for those of us who take a coffee to bed with us and might spill.

We loved this and Slumberdown are really not exaggerating when they say that it will revolutionise the way you sleep in the warmer months! We absolutely love ours.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £69 (Single) / £79 (Double) / £89 (King Size)

Available to buy from Argos here.

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