Sleeki Portable Phone Charger Review

Qi Wireless + Built-in Cables

Reviewed by Joy Wright

The Sleeki Portable Phone Charger arrived and immediately I was intrigued by how compact it is ( 73 x 142 x 17mm). The postie delivered it through the letterbox, a far cry from the power banks of old; larger, heavier, chunkier. Straight out of the box this little device had an 80% charge on it so I could instantly connect it to my phone and begin charging. The instructions are available for ease of use, but honestly, it’s useable straight from the packaging.

The ergonomic design is clever! All wires bar the main charging wire are built into the body and easily slip in and out of place with flexible strips which feel like they’ll last (Micro USB, USB C and Lightning). I can’t lose them, they can’t get tangled up and they don’t need to be wrapped up around the gadget, they fit directly into the casing and maintain that very sleek design.

I’ve got the Ice White Sleeki which sports a rounded plastic outer shell barely bigger than my phone and probably equivalent to most newer smart phones. The super shiny red Passion shade looks attractive and there’s Carbon black for the classic look too.

The Sleeki fits nicely in my smallest handbag, or inside the interior pocket of my rucksack and handily inside the dry bag I took out canoeing. This was a super useful device to take out on the river, charging my phone which was exhausted from heavy duty use taking pictures and video on the water.

My phone and the power bank were in the chest pocket of my lifejacket and the pair stayed cool whilst charging in there. It helped how light it is too (230g), I didn’t really notice the weight of it in any bag or in the lifejacket.

I left my phone via the device charging overnight and once it had reached 100% Sleeki automatically turned off to conserve charge. The small LED screen keeps me appraised of how much charge is left on the device and how what percentage the output charge is at. It’s really easy to see when the power bank needs charging again.

I could charge several devices because of the multiple ports, there’s USB, lightning, micro-USB and wireless QI charging – I can imagine this would be ideal for a weekend festival, you’d certainly be popular!

The QI charging together with the compact design will undoubtedly be helpful on the move, wirelessly charging in a pocket or bag and you can just carry on without waiting around to get your gear ready to go.

My teen daughters have already eyed it up for a camping trip this weekend to keep their gadgets working. I’d estimate there’s around 5 full charges for my phone held on this power bank so it should keep the kids going. For newer phone models, such as the iPhone, the blurb estimates 3 and a little left over, that’s not bad when it charges in under 2 hours.

I’m predicting this will turn up on Christmas wish lists as a convenient, tidy and super portable gadget for our 21st century lifestyles, Santa won’t know what’s hit him!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £49.99

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