Skipper’s Luxury White Fish Cubes (Small) Review


SkippersFishChewsLuxury White Fish Cubes (Small)

Reviewed by Laura Skinner

My two Miniature Schnauzers were very keen to try out Skipper’s Luxury White Fish Cubes, in fact the moment they were delivered through the letterbox my dogs rushed over to the door and were smelling the envelop.

The Fish Cubes come in a clear plastic bag with a label showing Skippers logo and some information about the benefits of the product.

One of my dogs is diabetic which means I have to be careful with the food I feed her, however I was pleased to see that the Fish Cubes are completely natural and are over 90% protein and don’t contain any preservatives or additives so I felt safe giving her a new treat to try and not have to worry about it affecting her health. I like the fact that the texture of the Fish Cubes helps to keep the dogs teeth clean as my diabetic dog has had to give up dental chews, so these are a perfect healthily alternative.

My two dogs absolutely loved the taste of the Fish Cubes, even my fussy eater didn’t need a second sniff before trying them out. They are a perfect size for them and are quite hard so they get a good ‘crunch’ while eating them and it takes them a bit longer to eat which is good. The do smell very strongly of fish even through the packaging which means they are best kept in an air lock container.

I am definitely going to order more of the Fish Cubes, as my older dog gets quite stiff so I am keen to see if they will help with his joints as they contain Omega 3. The range on Skipper’s website is pretty impressive and I am sure my dogs will enjoy trying out a variety of fishy treats.

I would recommend the Skipper’s Luxury Fish Cubes as a healthier alternative to the normal store bought dog treats. They do cost more but you are paying for a high quality product which will benefit your dog in the long run.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £2.99 (100g bag), £5.49 (200g bag)

Available to buy from Skipper’s here.


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