Skin : Genius. Hits The Spot Review


Reviewed by Sandip

I was offered the chance of trying and reviewing Skin:Genius hits the spot gel and given that I have spotty, acneic skin I was more than happy to try this out.

The bottle arrived and I was eager to open it and try it on. Especially, as I had a couple of spots that had arrived overnight. The bottle is a little white tube, with 10ml in it. It’s a perfect size to pop in you bag, overnight make up bag etc. The label has a white and green theme which invokes a ‘clean’ feel to the brand. The label states that ‘hits the spot’ is a “on-call purifying gel for troubled skin”. Well, that’s what I have, troubled skin. The gel itself is clear, pale yellow colour, with a fresh, medicated almost herbal smell. It reminds me of after sun gel, aloe vera gel or that sort of smell. I applied the gel and there was no tingle or uncomfortableness that you sometimes get with spot gels which made this feel like a nice soothing gel to apply. The pump, pumped out a little more than I needed for a single spot so I smoothed it onto the spot and the surrounding area. The gel soaked in straight away and did not leave a sticky, tight feeling which other spot gels I have used in the past have done. Unfortunately, after about 10 minutes, where I had added the excess gel onto the surrounding area around the spot, the gel had dried and left a flaky residue.

Because I have such problematic skin I did a search on the ingredients to ensure nothing was going to aggravate my skin. Google told me that ‘hits the spot’ contains oregan grape, nettle, roman chamomile and yarrow, to help fight and prevent the bacteria that causes spots, breakouts and acne-prone skin. So all very gentle, not aggravating ingredients and truth be told, this gel did not make my skin worse, dry it out or cause any issues.

Unfortunately, the gel didn’t dry out my spots as well as I would have liked but given that I have adult acne, I think I need something which is a bit more active and hard hitting. I think this sort of gel would be more suited to skin types that aren’t quite as acneic as mine and more, just spotty. To be honest, at a time like this, during a pandemic where we are wearing masks more and more often, this sort of gel would be perfect for people that need to wear masks quite a lot and have ‘maskne’. The size of this bottle would be perfect for people like that who could easy pop this in their bag and add a thin layer of soothing gel as and when they needed to keep their skin hydrated and calm.

Skin:genius has a whole range of products that aims to ‘cleanse, treat, hydrate, repeat. They have a foaming face wash, leave on purifying gel, soothing moisturiser and of course, this hits the spot gel. I think to feel the real benefit of this gel, you would probably have to try out the whole range and for longer than the 2 weeks that I did. I personally like the sound of the moisturiser as it’s not always easy to find a nice moisturiser specifically designed with problematic skin in mind.


RRP: £13.50

This product can be purchased from the Skin Genius website here.

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