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Aerobie Sprint Review


Reviewed by Jennifer Seymour

Me and my husband both remembered the Aerobie from our childhood days with fondness and fab memories! The Aerobie itself is not a new product, but the new improved Aerobie Sprint is a fabulous improvement: improving the aerodynamics so that the Aerobie travels twice as far as before; reducing the size to make the flying rings easier to catch, but maintaining the soft rubber edges for an easy catch.

The Sprint is part of the “distance series” and what a distance it went! From the first throw, it had all of us running around our local sports field chasing it down. Having said that, whilst the sprint is designed for speed and some distance, if you want a disc that can even further, you need the Aerobie “Pro” products. The Pro products were designed to break records and travel as far as possible, but Aerobie recognise that not everyone has a spare few thousand feet to play in! Therefore, the sprint is exactly as you’d expect – the sprint is a product to travel shorter distances.

My eldest sons (aged 11 and 12) and my husband were able to throw the Aerobie with amazing speed and accuracy within minutes – it took me and my daughter (aged 7) a little longer to get the hang of it and at first, with my throws and the wind, the Aerobie was more like a boomerang: it kept flying backwards the way it came. However, it is really easy to catch, so it was something that all 5 of us could play with straight away. This means actually there can be lots of different games you can play with the Aerobie and it is truly a game that all the family can play, despite the different age ranges. This is something I struggle with – to do an activity that is easy enough for our 7 year old, but also engages the 12 year old is difficult. Not with the Aerobie. It was great fun, great exercise and great to be out in the fresh air!

Unlike a traditional frisbie, the Aerobie has soft metal inside and so can be “flexed” to give it direction. This meant that my sons and husband could throw it with such amazing accuracy to each other. It also means that even in the wind, you can adjust the Aerobie to fly to your partner with good accuracy. As I said though, despite this being called the Sprint, it is still part of the distance set of products and so still does go for “miles” as it says on the packaging! So be careful to be in a big area such as a park or field when using it. You don’t want it to land in your neighbour’s tree on the first throw – you don’t want to lose it!

In addition to the soft metal engineering to ensure the flying disc travels much further, the Aerobie is actually finished in soft rubber, so it doesn’t hurt to catch whatever the speed.
The packaging is as streamlined as the product itself and gives you the instructions of how to use the Aerobie to its greatest potential: rolls to the right, bend upward; rolls to the left, bend downwards.

I also love the Aerobie website. Who would have thought that such a simple product could involve you developing such skill and techniques. Once you have mastered the basic throwing technique, more tips and tricks can be found at

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £8.00

This product can be purchased from many online stores and is currently on sale at John Lewis and Argos for £8.00.

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