Silcock’s Winter Wonderland At Event City, Manchester Review


Reviewed by Lucy Gwilliam

Silcock’s Winter Wonderland has returned to Event City after a 4 year break. This Winter Wonderland is the UK’s largest indoor theme park, situated next to the Trafford Centre, it is open from Saturday 4th December 2021 until Sunday 2nd January.

It’s been a good few years since we last visited Winter Wonderland at Event City, it must have been the last time they occupied event city 4 years ago and we were extremely excited to attend the press night as a guest.

The last time we visited Silcock’s Winter Wonderland, my children were a lot smaller and now aged 8 and nearly 12, it was a completely different experience for us. My son, 8, still enjoyed going on the smaller rides which my daughter accompanied him on but he now wanted to go on some of the bigger rides, that he had been too small for previously. My daughter was full on adrenaline junkie and wanted to go on all the teen rides, she was absolutely loving the experience and even dragged me on a few rides, including the waltzers (our favourite) and gravity ( which I actually hated and I am way too old to be going on a ride like that).

When we arrived at Event city, parking was easily managed in their free car park. There is also overspill onto Trafford Palazzo car park if you cannot pack on event city. This is only a couple of minutes walk to the event.
Once we were parked ho we heading inside. There we waited in the holding area for the entrance to be opened. Whilst waiting, they showcased local talent on stage, I love this and it is something that they do every year. Our friends daughter was lucky enough to perform last time event city help Silcock’s Winter Wonderand, with her dance troop.

At 6.30 they opened up and we head into the huge space through a shower of snow. This was so magical and everyone felt the magic of Christmas. There were a great amount of people attending the VIP press night and I did think that this was going to be quite overwhelming but it really wasn’t. Everyone seemed to spread out so that there was an even amount of people distributed around the building.

Queues for the rides weren’t too bad and we waited around 5-10 minutes for rides at a maximum. The younger children’s rides seemed to have the quickest queues and the teen and up rides were slightly longer at around 10 minutes maximum.

There were an abundance of rides and attractions (over 50) including bumper cars, caterpillar ride and bouncy castles. We spent 3 hours at the event and continually went on rides and we could not manage them all. In addition to the rides, there were live stage shows including TV stars Daisy and Ollie and an Ice Princess show. There was also Silcock’s Christmas circus which we made sure that we watched out of all the shows on offer. We love the circus and it is something that we love to experience as a family. The show lasted around 40 minutes and featured some absolutely brilliant talent including quick change (which I’ve never seen live before), Ariel (my sons favourite), hula hooping, gymnastics and juggling. It was a great show and a perfect addition to this winter wonderland experience.

The event further includes games stalls and festive foods from Churros to Greek Gyros. The prices were reasonable for the food too. The kids had a portion of Chips each from the fish and chip stand at £4 a portion and my daughter and I had some churros at £5 for 6 churros. The prices were in line with what you would expect at a food stand hosting in an event like this.

And not forgetting that Father Christmas is also making a feature appearance at the event every session up to and including Christmas Eve. It is free to meet Santa and you can purchase a you and photo from Santa’s workshop.

We had an absolutely brilliant time at Silcock’s Winter Wonderland as a family. After the last 18 months of things being very unusual and not being able to experience things the way we are used to, it was so nice to be able to go to an event like this and see my children laugh and have so much fun without a care in the world. My daughter has even asked if she can go again before Christmas with her school friends. We all really did have the best time we’ve had in a long time.

Rating: I asked the children when they left what they would rate it out of 5 and they said 50! That just shows how amazing of a time they had! Thank you Silcock’s Winter Wonderland for giving us this opportunity.

Family tickets start from £29.50 per ticket for off peak and £35 per ticket for peak and Included in your tickets is:
“ALL rides and attractions are INCLUDED in your ticket price!
• 4 Hours of fun and entertainment
• All Indoors at EventCity
• Under 3’s FREE
• 3000 FREE Car Parking Spaces
• Over 50 rides, attractions and shows all included in one amazing ticket price
• Father Christmas Meet & Greet* (until 24th)
• Daisy & Ollie Show
• Ice Princess Show
• Jedi Training Camp
• Christmas Circus
• Christmas Meltdown Show”

Tickets can be booked here.

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