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Shopkins ‘Shoe Dazzle’ Playset Review

ShoeDazzle1Shopkins Shoe Dazzle Playset

Reviewed by Ellie Hanks

I received the Shopkins Shoe Dazzle Set through in the post and was surprised by its size. It’s bigger than I was expecting. Shopkins in general are small little toys that my 5 year old is currently obsessed with and so was expecting something the size of a trinket box so was somewhat surprised to see what came – a set in a shoebox size box.

The set itself comes with the Shoe Dazzle plastic playset (a back drop to your pretend shop, I suppose), 2 Shopkins characters, 2 little jelly bags (the type you used to have as a kid, bucket style bags with plastic horseshoe shape handles!) in which to pop your Shopkins and 2 little shoeboxes. I actually felt that this doesn’t constitute a “set” to me. Two Shopkins characters is not a lot to play with and fill what is supposed to be a shoe shop style playset; therefore you’d need more shoe Shopkins characters to fill it. Which I find a slight con from a parent’s point of view; as a parent, you buy something that’s labelled a ‘set’ thinking: “Ooh I’ll get the set, that’ll save me having to buy loads more individual items…”

Not the case with this one. Plenty more Shopkins purchases needed to make this set more exciting to play with.

The set itself is well made, sturdy plastic, looks like a cute little shoe shop, with built in mirrors (no glass), shoeboxes and shelves and is right up my daughter’s street. Although as mentioned above, I know she’ll be using her Playmobil characters inside it in absence of any other Shopkins characters.


The packaging is a large box with plastic window showing the item in all its glory, and very much appeals to the young girl – pink, large funky font and photos of the Shopkins shoes all over it. Easy to open, it was well packaged in my opinion. No batteries necessary too which is always a bonus!

Overall, as I say above, I feel that the product could do with a couple or few more actual Shopkins characters included – to me it isn’t a set, it’s a backdrop to use with an already-established-collection and so therefore I don’t think its great value for money if I’m honest. As a mother I’d give the product a 3/5 for value for money, for the joy it brought my daughter when she saw it – 5/5 so overall I would give it 4/5.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £14.99

Suitable age: 5 years +

Available to buy from Flair PLC here.

4 Star

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